Word of the Year: Wanderlust - Meaning, Inspiration, & Planning

I haven't talked about it much on here yet, but my word of the year is "Wanderlust".
What does that mean? It means a strong desire to travel. We started really exploring the world around us last year, in fact you can read about all of our Family Travel adventures HERE.

From a trip to Stone Mountain.

My husband and I have decided that we aren't going to sweat the small stuff anymore because you only live once and money doesn't go with you when you die. I think there has just been so many events that happened recently in our lives that made us want to enjoy life more. And we enjoy spending time together and enjoying "experiences". So what does that mean? We love traveling to explore new places, we like going to shows together (like when we went to The Fox and saw "The Lion King"), and our new passion that we discovered last year - hiking.

From our trip to see the Eclipse in Totality.

We really started getting into hiking and camping last year. We didn't do as much camping as we would have liked, but hiking was a constant. We went on our first hiking adventure last January. I remember how tired and exhausted we were when it was all said and done. This year, we went hiking to the same location and hiked the same paths, but we enjoyed it so much more because we were in better shape.

We are Friends of the Parks because we love visiting different Georgia State Parks. It doesn't cost very much, there are so many parks to choose from, and it is a different adventure every time. This time there were more environmental issues that we faced. Because of the snow we got, there were still patches of ice and tons of mud.

Getting back into hiking for the first time in a few months, was seriously good for the soul. We have a ton of plans to go on more adventures this year. My husband hopes that we can camp our way to visit the Grand Canyon this year during Spring Break. This will be our longest road trip we have ever taken, so if anyone has any advice for us then we would love for you to comment below.

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Do you have a word of the year? What do you think of ours? Do you like traveling? Do you like hiking?


  1. When we were younger, we camped, fished, hiked with our family. We had four daughters and I wanted my girls to be versed in a lot of different areas. I wanted a son so bad, cuz I was and kind of still am, a tomboy. God had different plans for me. So it is no mistake that he blessed me with 4 daughters! I wanted one more baby. My husband said NO WAY! He said that we’d probably have another girl and he can’t get into the bathroom as it is! He said he should have taken stock in toilet paper and women’s pads! We had to get our dog neutered, because he started nipping the girls and we would find him chewing on some used pads! The vet said that he will calm down after the surgery! He put it this way, the dog is around women “in heat” all the time- Poor Goober!
    You’ll laugh, but our two youngest daughters were huge WWF fans and we used to go to their matches all around the US. Those were the best times and memories! We would drive everywhere. The kids loved staying in hotels & eat out. We would bring tales or eventually CDs to sing along with. We had the best times! I’m getting all weepy now! We’ll never get those times back!! So you’re right! Life is short and your kids will be grown before you know it! We have 15 grandkids and our daughters camp, fish, & travel all the time with their families. We are happy about that! Our girls still talk about these trips! So memories don’t go away!

    1. My husband loves WWE! This sound like great memories and that’s what I want more than just “stuff” to clutter up the house.

  2. I didn't realize Georgia had such nice state parks, you took some gorgeous pictures!

  3. That is an incredible word for the year! Your family is so adorable! You are very blessed. I hope you have an incredible year!

  4. My family enjoys hiking too. We took our first family trip last summer and are looking forward to more family trips as our littles are able to walk/hike further (youngest is almost 4yrs old)

  5. What a beautiful place for a hike!!!

  6. What adventurous pictures! We love to be outdoors as a family, too!

  7. What a beautiful state park! My husband and I both have the same dream to travel the US in an RV visiting all of the National Parks! We both love the outdoors and going camping. :) Hopefully we can visit Georgia someday, as it is such a beautiful place! Thank you so much for sharing!


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