Too Many Chores? {Not So Wordless Wednesday + LINKY}

So if you follow me on SnapChat, then you saw a picture that I sent out asking, "Does this sound like too many chores for a 6 year old?" I didn't really expect any response, but I wanted to put it out there on a platform where I can actually get responses if you care to chime in.

Chore Chart

So I decided Wednesday of last week that I wanted my daughter to start helping with more chores. She is 6 now and needs to learn responsibility. She also needs to learn how to do household chores so she knows how to take care of herself one day. If you're interested, I printed the Chore Chart found HERE.

I have seen that meme shared MULTIPLE times (including by close family) that says "Hey Millennial Parents, if your kids knows how to work an iPad then they know how to work a washing machine!" I felt this statement had a lot of truth to it, but
I don't necessarily agree with it completely because my daughter has been using an iPad since she was TWO and still can't reach the washing machine's control panel. So there's that.

So Monday we went out to eat with the kid's grandparents and I very excitedly told them about how well my daughter was working on her chore chart. And no joke, the statement made RIGHT IN FRONT of my daughter was, "that's too much for her".

I had to talk to my daughter about this because I feel like - besides the fact that is an inappropriate comment to make in front of my daughter because it undermines us as parents - this is an appropriate amount of chores, she is earning an allowance, and I don't believe a child should get ANY money for just keeping their room clean. I asked my daughter if she had heard what was said and she repeated it. And I asked her what she thought and she said, "I like my chores because I do them well." This conversation made me feel like I am doing something right in this parenting gig.

Do your kids have chores? What do you think of this chore list?

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  1. I have been thinking about making a chore list for my son for a while now!

  2. I think it's a great idea- great to learn while young

  3. I think it is a great idea. I never had a chore chart for my kids but the sooner you get them involved the better.

  4. I would have been livid. So inappropriate to say that, let alone in front of her! I'm glad to hear she disagreed :)

  5. I feel that kids earning some money for chores does and I can think of 5 reasons, one it teaches them independence, learn how to do household or outdoor chores for later on, chips in to help in family, respect parents, self pride and worth and accomplishments. And it was inappropriate to say in front of your child. You should be proud of your daughters response. Independent thinking.

  6. I think your list is a good one, I had one for my daughter. only thing I would never have on it is to clean the toilet. too many germs and being tiny they are up close and breath them in.

    1. She doesn't stick her head in the toilet! 😂 She is the one who never remembers to flush, so yeah she can learn to clean it. At least those are my thoughts on it. Germs are everywhere and fecal matter gets over everything in the bathroom with every single flush regardless. So it's really a mute point.

    2. I tried the chart idea, but it never really took off. Plus the kids were embarrassed to have their friends see it when they came over. So we switched chores every other week. They shared bedrooms so they were both responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms. I didn't give allowances to my kids for doing housework. I felt that they should want to help keep their house clean. I gave them allowances if they were good and deserved it! For being good and kind and for helping or doing things without being told to. That goes with keeping up with their schoolwork, etc. And if we were in a tight spot, so were they! The family as a whole pulled together and sacrificed and learned to do without. Life does have its ups and downs. But we always make it - it's not the end of the world!

  7. I think it's a great list, personally I wouldn't have my 5 or 7 year olds clean the toilet... but they are boys who would think that meant playing in the dirty toilet and would make a huge mess. lol But other wise, it's a good list.

  8. First I am very impressed that you assigned her a toilet to clean. She must be a very grown up young lady. When i first read this "HELP FOLD SUCKS" I agreed but then i stopped oh socks

  9. My daughter is only 1 so she doesn't have any chores, but I do think this is a bit much. When I was 6 I definitely was not cleaning a toiler and don't expect my daughter too either. The other chores are definitely reasonable though if she is okay with them. Just don't forget they have homework along with any extracurricular activities. It can be a bit much on top of everything.

    1. I guess my daughter is more responsible than others her age.

      Chores and homework with always come before extra curricular.

  10. Thanks for sharing. My oldest is ready for chores and we have tossed around a few ideas but haven't implimented anything yet. This chart is helpful.


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