How to Save Money (When You're Not a Saver)

If you have been following my blog or following me on social media, then you know that I hate paying retail. This comes from a time when money was very tight because we went from two incomes to one PLUS an extra mouth to feed. I use to coupon like crazy and even watched my friend's daughter for a little extra pocket change just so we could make ends meat. Times were tight, especially around the holidays.

Tips to Save Money for Travel, Holidays, & More

We weren't the kind of people that felt the need to go over board on gifts for our own child because she does have a lot of people in our family and close friends that will do that for us, but we also have quite a few nieces plus my own daughter and one of my nieces has a birthday in December. Plus with all the dinners we had to go to and bring a dish, little costs always seem to add up. But I have found little ways to save money that really helps in the long run whether you are saving for a special trip or a holiday.

1. Buy Gift Cards when shopping - My mother-in-law shared this tip with me. I think it is such an easy way to save. With gift cards (like Amazon, Kohl's, or other stores), you can't spend the money as easily as you can cash. Plus if you take advantage of reward programs (like Kroger 4X Fuel Points when you buy gift cards), then you can score even more bang for your buck.

2. Share Deals on Dealspotr - Not only can you find great deals to save on all of your Christmas shopping, but you can earn money (PayPal or Amazon gift cards) by sharing online coupons, validating current deals, or doing other daily activities to earn points. This has been by far the easiest way I have found to make a little extra income this year. It is very easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes a day to earn your daily reward points. You can earn even more by becoming an influencer (please feel free to comment below and I will send you a personal code to join if you are interested). You can read my full review HERE.

3. Save with ibotta - I love ibotta. Every time I go grocery shopping, I check out the offers and see if I can save any money on stuff I have already bought. Right now, they have a "Save $0.25 with any receipt" and for new members you can score $10 by just signing up and redeeming your first receipt. The main reason I love this app so much is there is absolutely no printing or clipping coupons required. I do not hard core coupon anymore because I just don't have the time anymore, but with this app I can still save on my everyday purchases. Feel free to check out my post "Handy Apps for Frugal Moms".

4. Shop Through ebates - Do you like to shop online? I personally do. I am an Amazon Prime member because I LOVE that 2 day shipping. Did you know if you go through ebates before you head to your online retail destination then you can score a certain percentage back on your purchases. They have so many retailers to choose from: Amazon, Kohl's, Shutterfly, ebay, Groupon, Walmart, and more! And right now if you sign up you can score a $10 bonus too.

5. Sign Up for PayPal - This is an unconventional way to save, but I have been having a ton of luck with it. What I do is every month I put a set amount in my PayPal account. Most online retailers do take PayPal as a form of payment, so when Christmas time comes around I can use the money I have saved up to pay for almost anything that I like. And if I need to, I can transfer the money over to my bank account and it is usually in there within a few hours.

I hope these tips truly can help you save money. They have definitely helped my family. Please feel free to share any tips you have to save money without really trying.

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  1. I haven't done dealspotr yet, is it better (easier to use and faster to earn) than swagbucks?

    1. yes, definitely. It is a different platform all together though. You submit deals you find on the web and earn points. I made $900 with them last year alone.

  2. It is always good to find new ways to be thrifty and save money.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. Some great tips I had not thought about gift cards. I shop very very early because I have to find 31 gifts for my 87 yr old mother. This tradition started about 10 years ago when I could not get home for Christmas. That year I got her 25 gifts one to open each day in December for Christmas. She loved getting something every day, most of the gifts were little things Dollar Tree etc. She loved it but made sure I understood that there were 31 days in Dec and she was short presents.

  4. These are good ideas. I have also noticed with paypal is they have the coupon/promotion page with hundreds of merchants offering discounts, like
    Target. I look there often.

  5. I am all for saving money. I do use ebates but the other suggestions sound great also. I really appreciate you sharing this. God Bless

  6. These tips will definitely come in handy, given I am on a tight budget like most people.

  7. I get gift cards at the grocery too for the gas rewards, not just for gifts, but also for regular purchases like at Home Depot or Best Buy.

  8. These are very helpful tips especially if youre like me i have 2 young kids i gotta buy Christmas for lol. I've never heard of Dealspotr i need to check it out

  9. LOVE the idea of buying gift cards because I know with me, I do spend it when it's the cash.

  10. I've used ebates before, but I'm going to check out Dealspotr! Thank you!

  11. I'm definitely going to try ebates.

  12. Thanks for sharing ways to save money for Christmas. I like your tips on ebates and PayPal. I'm going to join/sign up for both.

  13. These are definitely great tips! I've heard of ebates and great things about it. I really need to set up an account.

  14. sound like a good idea to me

  15. I shop all year round for our family. I too am into the gift card idea. It's not like cash where you can grab it at anytime and use it for emergencies! Which lately for me, everything is an emergency! I would like to know how to earn points, etc. for buying gift cards. TY


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