Nanny to Mommy: Creating Memories for Believers with Package from Santa

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Creating Memories for Believers with Package from Santa

This post is sponsored by All opinions are my own.

"SANTA! I know him!" In our house, we are believers in Santa. Believing in the magic of all things Santa Claus is a wonderful memory from my childhood that I cherish and am so excited that I now get to share with my children. The key in our digital age is to encourage the belief in fun and unique ways.

Creating Memories for Believers with Package from Santa

We participate in Elf on the Shelf each year. And we decided this year to do something extra special for the first day with a package from Santa. offers you a choice of 3 unique treasure chests of authentic, Santa Claus goodies and letters from Santa sent right to your child, directly from the North Pole! It’s a bundle of proof uniquely personalized with your child's name. It comes addressed to them so if you don't have an elf, no worries! Kids love getting mail! Every Package is painstakingly crafted, packed and shipped with care and even includes a real Santa return address and genuine North Pole Stamp.

You can view our unboxing video HERE:

But that’s not all! Santa will also send your child a personalized phone call & a personalized, movie quality video starring your child. And they are FREE with every package.

My daughter was so excited with her goodies from Santa. So was my little man who is just starting to  understand. We reviewed the Platinum Package, but there are other options to choose from. And if you share pictures/video with you can enter to win a $1,000 Visa Gift Card.

Creating Memories for Believers with Package from Santa

Exclusive Limited Time FREE Bonus!
Keep your child behaving with a personalized, high-quality, and completely FREE printable Nice-List Guide from Santa Claus. Includes your child’s photo, name, and top 10 behaviors needed to stay on Santa’s Nice List. Personalize your child’s Nice-List Guide here

What makes so special and set apart from any other company is THEY DO IT ALL (packages, letters, calls and videos from Santa and so much more...) With EVERY Package From Santa sold comes one free call and one free video. To place you call, you simply download the app for iPhone or Android and enter all of your child's info. You can see in the video below that my children's eyes light up when they heard Santa's voice on the call. My husband was trying to be sneaky with the recording so the kids wouldn't think anything was up. LOL

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My readers get an exclusive 25% discount on every Package From Santa now! SAVE 25% OFF every Award-Winning Personalized Santa Letter Package (even the Platinum Package!) sent directly to your child from the North Pole! Simply go to and use coupon code RED1820 to save 25% off every order. Offer Expires 12/15/2017

How do you help your children believe in the magic of Santa?

This post is sponsored by I received complimentary products and compensation to provide this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. How fun!! I love that ou included that awesome package from Santa!! My son is still a little too young for a lot of things to make him believe but we do the whole cookies and milk thing :) Santa gets his own wrapping paper too of course ;)

    1. Our Santa doesn't wrap. 😂

    2. My kids are all grown, but we do have grandkids. I'll inform my kids about this. I have a confession to make. I tried not get involved in talking to the kids about Santa or the Easter Bunny, because I felt like I was deceiving them and taking away from the true meanings of the holidays. My husband was the one that got into that part of it. But he didn't make a big production out of it. My kids let their kids believe in them though and that's their choice.

    3. I think you can still believe in Santa and teach your children about the reason for the Christmas season. There has to be a healthy balance. My daughter said she wanted to ask Santa for a Christmas tree for her little brother. I thought that was a beautiful gesture and feel like I'm doing something right as a parent.

  2. My nieces and nephews would love to get one of these Santa packages. The personalized nice list certificate is such a cute touch.

  3. Love this!! thankfully we have a local Santa that is free to visit and we can write to him and HE WRITES BACK!! I love that about my community!! We work together to keep the magic alive for the kiddos!!!

  4. I watched both the videos this time and I did forget how excited little kids got over hearing from Santa, even Rudolph! I was giggling when Santa was telling Michael, he still had time to do better. And the way Michael got excited over the poop 💩 was hilarious!! I liked how Santa remembered your daughter’s birthday too! Very cute! She is so dainty, prim, & loves her little brother! These kind of feelings & emotions are what the holidays are all about!!

  5. I love this idea. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to know who Santa is. She knows something is up this year with us reading Christmas stories. Maybe next year!

  6. Wow, this has a lot more in it than i was originally thinking. What a wonderful idea to get for the young ones. Thanks!

  7. My youngest nephew came in here yesterday and was excited to tell me that the elf was back, lol. He was thrilled.

  8. My grandsons have been so excited that our elf is back this year! It's so fun to watch them find him every morning!


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