Nanny to Mommy: DIY Hairbows + Tutorial

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Monday, April 4, 2016

DIY Hairbows + Tutorial

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I have been making Sweet Pea's hair bows for a few years now. I took a break because honestly? She had almost every color and I didn't really need to make one. But I decided to pick it up again since my sister-in-law is pregnant with girl number four and as I was scouring the old links I had pinned on Pinterest, I noticed they no longer existed! How sad! So I wanted something that was easy to pin for all your bow making needs.
DIY Hairbow Tutorial
Okay so here is a list of what you will need to make these bows.

- 1.5" ribbon (30" long) & 5/8" ribbon for center
- glue gun
- alligator clips or french barrette
- scissors
- ruler
- wax paper
- wire
- heat source like a lighter

1. Measure your ribbon and trim. Wrap around your finger three times and make sure one end is pointed up and the other is pointed down.

How to Make Hairbows

2. Then you need to do an accordion fold in the center making sure the ribbon fits under each piece.

3. Take your wire and wrap it around the middle. Cut the end by folding and then cut a slant up. Use a heat source (lighter) to make sure the ends won't fray.
Easy Hairbow Tutorial
4. Take the smaller piece of ribbon, tie a knot up, wrap it around the center, and glue it to the bow. Make sure to cut of the excess. Take the alligator clip place it on the wax paper and glue the bottom of the bow to the clip.
This is my first tutorial and just like my first recipe post, I'm going to need some help. So if you have any questions please let me know. I want to try to help you make gorgeous any way I can, so please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Above is the final product taken of my daughter on Easter Sunday. Now, if you don't feel like making any bows you can go buy some super cheaper on Amazon. :D

Was this tutorial helpful? Let me know in the comments!

This post contains affiliate links.



  1. This is just the tut I was looking for :)

  2. My daughter doesn't have enough hair for bows yet, but these are really cute!

  3. Super cute!! I love how easy they are!! My daughter would be in trouble because I would have a bow for every day lol!

  4. I have always thought it would probably be super easy to make my own bows, but have yet to try it! I have two girls who love pretty hair things and they will be so happy when I make them some cute bows! :) I love that you can use any color/pattern of ribbon to personalize and match! Thank you so much for sharing and providing step by steps and pictures! :)

  5. These are so fun. I wish I was talented to make them.

  6. Those make the perfect addition to any outfit! What a cute look and easy to do!

  7. Yes, this is a really helpful tutorial! I love this idea. The bows are so cute!

  8. Super helpful. I was buying them for my daughter then she kept losing them. I think I will feel much better about that if I was making them!

  9. I loved your tutorial. I always wanted to make one for my child, you explained it in a very easy manner. I would definitely try it

  10. These are adorable. I saved this post so I can make them matching for the dresses I sew :-)

  11. Thanks for these tips. My little girl is in need of some new bows. You should link up at Family Joy Blog Link Up this week

  12. Great tutorial. You show off the steps well. These are adorable. Making your own would really let you choose how big and the colors.

  13. Love your tutorial, works great!!! I need to start making some more for my Granddaughter. Thanks for sharing! :)

  14. Great tutorial! The hairbows came out beautiful. I would love to make these for my nieces, they love to wear them.

  15. These are going to be so perfect for my granddaughter and I have some friends that would love these too!

  16. I like how easy these are to make. Thanks for the instructions and photos.

    slehan at juno dot com

  17. These are cute and easy to make hair bows

  18. I love your boys, thanks for the DIY, I actually make my Christmas and Wedding bows like this, just never sat down to make my own until now. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I've wanted to make a customized cheer bow for my daughter. Thanks for the tutorials!

  20. I would enjoy making bows like this. It would be nice to have a colorful selection to choose from!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  21. wow would love to be able to make bows like this for my daughter just afraid i'd mess it up lol


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