Nanny to Mommy: Experiencing Music Together #MomsMeet

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Experiencing Music Together #MomsMeet

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Peanut is almost two, but he is going through a "stranger danger" phase. One of my new year resolutions was to make sure I did something every day with my children. Take them to the park, take them to story time, etc. Peanut has issues when we go out in public and meet other children. If they look at him wrong, his feelings get hurt. I feel socialization and meeting other children is the only way to resolve this. He does love to sing and dance whenever he hears music, so when I was offered the chance to experience a Music Together class, I jumped at the chance.

Music Together is an internationally recognized music program for children from birth through age 7—and the adults who love them. Their Mixed-Age classes, for children from birth to age 5, are the perfect way to introduce babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to the joys of making music.
Children—even babies!—are inspired and stimulated through interaction with peers of different ages. Younger children watch and imitate older ones, older children lead younger ones, and adults are happy because their children are in class together. Children can come to class with any or all of their caregivers—parents, grandparents, nannies—for a community-music experience all around.

In fact, when I was a nanny we went to a Music Together class and loved every minute of it. Going to this class brought back a ton of memories, but Peanut took a while to open up. Although we were the new ones, some of the other children were being shy as well. Music was such an important part of my life for so long. I was in choir since 4th grade all the way through high school and now I want my son to learn through music, so he can enjoy it as much as I do. He wouldn't leave my lap. He did put his instrument away once, but was sad he did because he wanted to keep playing. But then at the end he warmed up just enough (after I gave him a pacifier). Hunger could have played an issue. He usually eats all morning.

He loved playing with the instruments and dancing with mommy. He would even try to sing a little in my ear. I want to start taking him on a regular basis. Tuition for a ten-week Music Together semester varies by location, but averages about $180 to $200. Tuition includes weekly classes, at-home materials, and access to the online parents-only website with bonus activities and digital versions of the songs. To find a class near you, check out their class locator.

How important is music to you? Do you teach your baby/children about music? What do you think of Music Together?

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  1. I enjoy music. My son is autistic and never really liked music until recently.

  2. I love music and listen often. My daughter also likes music and hopefully my grandson will too. My daughter listens to country constantly and he dances along.

  3. How important is music to you? Extremly important. As someone that grew up with music being an important part of our lives, it helps me to unwind. Do you teach your baby/children about music? We sing to our baby and play music. I plan to continue to do that. What do you think of Music Together? I think it is an excellent program.

  4. Music is extremely important to me! I know the benefits it has in brain development and mental acuity and I've played piano since I was 6 years old, so it is important to me to expose my kids to musical activities. My littlest is in Kindermusik right now and the oldest is in choir. She is going to start piano lessons in a few weeks! I'm interested in this program! I would love to try it out!!

  5. Music is very important to me as a musician myself and I hope to teach it to my children.

  6. So fun!! My son loves music too!! I think its so great in being able to express himself and et some energy out ;)

  7. Music is super important to us as a family!! Its amazing stress relief and too much fun!! Such a therapeutic activity to do together!!

  8. How fun! Good for you on spending time with him and participating in fun. Great bonding and good way to encourage music and creativity.

  9. I love music and have passed that love onto my daughter. I used to play the piano and percussions when I was in school. In the car, we listen to the radio. At home, my daughter is drawn to musical toys and has a musical giraffe that she uses to soothe her to sleep. We don't have anything like Music Together in our area, but we have a program for toddlers at our local library which involves reading, singing, and shaking shakers. My daughter enjoys it.

  10. Music is important to me, nothing makes me happier than to sing and dance around, I'm not good at either but it is fun!

  11. My great niece loves to sing and my great nephew likes to pretend he's playing the guitar L) They also both like to dance to music. I enjoy watching them both do these things :)

  12. Music sets the tone for a wonderful day ~ we start out with music in the morning ~ through the day ~ & end with the beautiful sounds of music in the bed ~ so now you know just how Important music is for my family ♥

  13. Music is very important to us in our house. I started playing the flute in elementary school. We play music together several times a week.


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