How to Get FREE Stuff without Being a Blogger

This post contains referral links. Originally published on 12/20/15.

I don't know about you, but I am all about some FREE stuff! Who doesn't like a good freebie, especially when it's something that you will use? I have put a little list together of all the sites where I have found some GREAT freebies that really take minimal effort on your part. So check them out:

How to Get Free Stuff Without Being a Blogger

I would like to note, the work bloggers do is just that "work". It has helped my family in amazing ways and I am so glad I started doing it, but it is a LOT of work. If you are interested in starting your own blog (because you are willing to put in the work), please let me know and I will get a post together to help you learn how.

Now on to the sites:

Which is one of my favorite sites to get freebies from. You just have to a few steps to complete once you receive your goodies, but you get a HUGE box of full sized samples. I have received beauty, food, and so many other types of goodies, I even received a Keurig 2.0 one time. :) Check out one of my unboxing videos below. Click HERE to sign-up.

I love this site because it's like a subscription box service. You go on Sample Tuesday and pick the freebies you want and then you get a FREE box of stuff in the mail. How easy is that? Check out the review HERE and then make sure to sign-up!

 You sample the products and tell them what you think! You do have to do some easy-peasy social shares, but they aren't required. And then you take a survey at the end. I have received some very nice goodies from them, including beauty, health, and food stuff. Sign-Up Here.

Join Smiley360

 I love BzzAgent because you get awesome BzzKits. What's a BzzKit? An awesome box of FREE goodies for a specific brand. You have to fill out a few surveys so you only get campaigns that you would want. One time I received one for coffee AND creamer in the same week! Sometimes you get samples, mostly it's FULL SIZED products or freebie coupons. And it's food, beauty, stuff for the kiddos, stuff for the furbabies, whatever your interests are. Sign-Up Here.

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This one you don't have to be a blogger, but you do have to be active on social media. Well most of these sites I'm mentioning you do. But really? Who isn't these days?! And I have received some AWESOME stuff from Klout and it has connected me to some great brands, like Honest Tea and Clinique.

Moms Meet:
You get to try and review natural, organic, and eco-products and services, and share your honest feedback through the Mom Ambassador program. Mom Ambassadors have sampled products from brands like Kashi, Stonyfield Organic, Bob’s Red Mill, Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, and many more! There are a few different opportunities with Moms Meet. You can do a group sampling where you get your play group together and sample a TON of products plus the host usually gets full sized products, you can be a blogger, or they are now doing single samples where you just write a review somewhere in exchange.

You sign up to host a PARTY for the brand. They also have the Chatterbox opportunities now which you don't have to host a party to participate. My favorite party I have hosted with them has been our Pull-Ups party. But I also received a SodaStream, VTech Flipsies, TONS of Good2Grow, and more.

They work a TON with Munchkin, but some other brands as well. You will receive random emails and then you fill out the form to signup. Usually you just need to follow through with online retail reviews.

How to Get FREE Stuff

I have applied for a TON of promotions with them and have been accepted to one. But it is what it is. Sometimes they have awesome products (like a iRobot Roomba) and sometimes they have smaller items. I received some diapers which are always nice!

Trybe is an innovative company providing knowledge between our members and brands. Our members try products for free and voice their honest opinion about them. Brands get insights on their own products and a new way to communicate with their customers.

Brilliant Minds
Join their ambassador program at and get invited to awesome campaigns from brands like Educational Insights and more!

Okay so that's it for now! Join and you can get FREE products, who doesn't love FREE! I will be updating this list as I come across more. So make sure to drop by again! :)

Please Be Aware:
With all good "freebies" a little work will need to be done. You have to follow through on your reviews if one is due online, you might need to fill out a good deal of surveys before you get selected so they know the product is a good fit, and you may need to share on social media a time or two. If this all sounds like something you are interested in doing, I highly suggest checking out these sites. Also if you know a friend who would benefit from this, feel free to share this post with them!

Know of any I missed? Please share them below!

This post contains referral links.


  1. Thanks. In all of them. Check out this one.

  2. those are all good suggestions. I was already doing a couple of those but I will sign up for the rest.

  3. They are all over. Klout I think is about dead though. It used to be a big thing, now only people who get retweets (for example bloggers) or celebs would ever qualify.

    ellen beck

  4. Hello,
    I like to start doing a Blogger. How do I start doing that?

  5. I know this review was written way before the pandemic 😷 I would have loved to have gone to a tea tasting party. We used to have Tupperware, Jewelry, etc. parties. They would give out their products as party gifts. It was a great way to socialize and get out of the house! There are Freebie, Coupons, Rebate, & more websites. I am a big user of coupons and such. Great information! Thank you for sharing! I pinned and shared!


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