Nanny to Mommy: Reusable Menstrual Cups - Introducing the Blossom Cup

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reusable Menstrual Cups - Introducing the Blossom Cup

This post is sponsored by Blossom Cup.
Reusable menstrual cups have been around a long time. The first one was actually patented in 1930. But who knew? Not me. I had never even heard of them until I started blogging and reading fellow mommy blogs.

It can be a hard topic for some of us to talk about.
Our Periods. I remember in 5th grade the teachers telling us about "Aunt Flow" and was shocked to hear that some girls already had theirs. They told us about pads mostly, but then mentioned tampons in a fleeting way. And for good reason, the chemicals in tampons is ridiculous. I know you have probably heard of toxic shock syndrome. I remember my mom scaring me with it. My best friend introduced me to tampons and I liked the idea of not leaking out all day long, but I was always scared I would have it in too long.

Having two kids, your body changes. So even if I wanted to, tampons are now a no-go. But pads while swimming are a no-go. So what was I suppose to do? Recently I had the opportunity to test out the Blossom Cup. Blossom Cup is a reusable menstrual cup. Now, I know what you are thinking. "That's gross." "That's suppose to go where?" I know, these were concerns of mine. But my pictures don't do this justice, it looks HUGE from my pictures, but it really isn't. And it really isn't any grosser than pads or tampons, it's just something different than you are use to.

Everyone I know who made the leap to menstrual cups says they changed their life. Menstrual Cups are a learning curve, but what thing isn't that you haven't tried before. Remember breastfeeding? That's natural and didn't come easily. But once you get the hang of inserting the menstrual cup, you don't feel it. The Blossom Cup comes in two different sizes; small is meant for woman who have not given birth or have had a cesarean and large which is meant for woman who have given birth vaginally or have a weaker pelvic floor. I had to get the large.

The main factor I like about the Blossom Cup is the cost effectiveness. You could use either 24 pads or tampons for only ONE Blossom Cup, in one cycle. This is actually my favorite reason. I am green and "crunchy" mostly because I find it to be cheaper. That's why I love cloth diapering so much.

The Blossom Cup also comes in eight different colors; blue, clear, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow. The Blossom Cup is available to purchase on Amazon for only $16.95 right now, normally $39.99.

Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out!

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  1. I would like to give the Blossom Cup a try because I usually wear tampons as pads are super uncomfortable. But I know tampons are not the safest to wear. Also, they can be pricey!! The a Blossom Cup sounds like a great alternative.. Hopefully I get a chance to try it out. Thank you for the chance to win, Carrie

  2. I hate tampons so much and hate pads even more!! Makes my period time miserable because I am miserable and uncomfortable the whole time!! Plus it's expensive!! What a kick in the butt to us ladies!! A menstruations cup sounds way more comfortable, safer, and better for the planet! I'm all for it!!

  3. I never used a Blossom Cup. I usually use pads. I would have to read about it and how it works. Does it work well to hold your period? How long can you wear it in the day before washing it and reusing it?

    1. Each person is different and t depends on your flow. If you have a really heavy flow, you might have to empty it during the day. A menstrual cup helps you measure because it has markings on the side. Menstrual cups are a learning process.

  4. I like how cost effective it is, but I still don't know if I can get over the ick factor. But I really like reading your review and MIGHT give it a try after hearing a bit more. LOL!

    1. What ick factor? No ickier than have a tampon up there and actually LESS ickier because there aren't all the chemicals.

  5. I've heard about these and the fact that they are a great alternative to pads. Like the way how flexible it is from the pictures you have posted here.

  6. I want to try a menstrual cup because I hate pads and tampons are scary!

  7. Ashley Chassereau Parks11/13/2015 06:37:00 PM

    I have moved to "mama cloth" and would love to try a menstrual cup!! It would be healthier than tampons and be cheaper long term!! :)

  8. I've been using menstrual cup for years. Since it was either Diva Cup or the latex Mooncup. Being allergic to latex I got a Diva Cup and never went back. Life changing might not be too strong of a description. Basically I'm entering because it's getting time to replace my current cup, and being cheap I'm willing to enter a contest to get one free.

  9. I think that using these would be so much more economical. I have never tried one. I have used cloth pads though.

  10. I have never tried these cups ever. Looks like a nice product and like the fact that these are very flexible, soft & gentle. THanks for the great review and pictures!

  11. Thanks for sharing. I have heard of these and am a little curious, but I haven't tried them yet. I like that you can wear them swimming.

  12. I've never been a huge fan of the frequency at which tampons have to be changed, and most pads cause issues for me, such as rashes. I have heard cups are a great alternative, but have yet to try one, as I rarely have a monthly cycle.


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