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I thought about writing something totally different for this #BehindTheBlogger topic, but something came up and I just felt I had to pour my heart out.

I don't why, but I don't talk about him much on here. But he is a huge part of our everyday lives. My first baby was my furbaby. We named him Squirt from Finding Nemo, he's the turtle's son. And we bought him at a time when I really needed him. We had just moved out into the middle of no where after getting married that July of 2007. I wanted a baby oh so badly, but financially it felt irresponsible so he was my baby.

Tips to Introduce New Baby and Dog

He was a cuddle bug from the start. And has always been amazing with children. When I was pregnant with my daughter he would snuggle with her by laying on my tummy and when she kicked, he would just look at me and it was like he knew something was different. I lost my daddy to terminal colon cancer when I was pregnant with my daughter and I could only imagine what I would have done without my furbaby to love me unconditionally through that.

Last week we found out that he has Intervertebral Disc Disease after a fall. I thought he broke his leg some how chasing after something outside (it was dark so I couldn't see) because he had a scrape on his leg, but after the vet examined him, he clearly had no movement in his hind legs. We always said Squirt was like Clifford the Big Red Dog because "The love made Clifford grow so big" and he is large for his breed, but this is actually a contributing factor. The vet said with meds and crate rest that he felt he would walk again. The next day I took him back to the vet because he was hardly eating, drinking almost no water, and wouldn't go potty by himself at all. They said that his condition had become worse and that the only thing that should be done is for him to be referred to a neurologist and have surgery. Which is $4,000 and still uncertain. I cried and called my husband because there is no way we could afford that. The vet suggested a hospital stay. At first he wasn't improving and I was scared of what to do. That is no way for a dog to live and we can't afford for him to stay there forever. I cried again and prayed some more about what to do. I always considered myself a realist, preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. Too much disappointment in your life makes you this way.

Monday they called and the vet feels that he will gain back movement in his legs and be able to walk again. He is doing a lot better than he was. He is drinking and eating on his own again. He is going outside to potty (with support) and hasn't had a crate accident yet. He is even taking a few steps. He wants to be back to normal, he is just very uncoordinated for the most part. There is still a ways to go and he is limited to only the crate for a few more weeks. He is still on his meds, but the vet said that he won't be forever. He is always going to have this issue and he may have future incidents, but we are so glad to have him home.

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  1. You sharing your story brought back so many emotions...some bad, but mostly good! I am just compelled to share something with you to give you hope. THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ONE OF MY BABIES!!! He suffered a back injury jumping down from my bed and basically lost all feeling in his lower extremities. Everyone around me told me to put him down because there was no way we could pay for the surgery that may or may not work and after all what quality of life would he have now? But I just didn't feel in my heart that it was time for us to say our goodbyes. I unfortunately have had to put some beloved pets down for one illness or another and with each one, I knew deep down in my knower that it was time to say goodbye to them. I didn't have that same feeling. So, I kept putting it off while I cried my eyes out and begged for God to heal him or tell me it was time. Longer story short, my mom did her own version of physical therapy with him and now he's healed. He still has times when his back legs wobble or he loses his footing and he has an accident now and then, but he is back to his old, lovable, playful yet 'grumpy' (inside joke) self. Keep the faith and you'll know what to do. Thank you for sharing


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