Bath Time with Hurley Hippo

I received this product complimentary to provide an honest review. All opinions are my own. Contains affiliate links.
Bath time in our house is not only a part of our nightly routine, it is also a big part of our play. We not only take a bath when the kiddos are dirty, but as a way to calm them down when nothing else will. We have quite a few bath toys and I am always looking for a good storage system. That's why I was excited when I received the Hurley Hippo Bath Toy Organizer from Cheraboo to review.

My biggest concern with this bath toy organizer was the material it is made of. I thought it was foam at first. Hurley is actually made of quick drying, phthalate free synthetic rubber. Plus with a mesh net, water just drains straight through so you don't have to worry about mold and mildew on the organizer or your children's bath toys. I will keep you updated on how it holds up, but I have been using it for about a month now and so far I am very happy with it. And it works perfectly on keeping my kiddos' toys dry.

The Hurley Hippo bath organizer comes with two specially designed Limpet Lock suction cups. Simply unscrew the front of the suction cup slightly to loosen the sucker, moisten and apply sucker. Tighten the front screw to lock it to the wall and you're done. Hang Hurley by the two side loops and he will stay there until you want to move him. I put Hurley on the faucet to show that the flap comes up for extra room if you have a lot of toys.

I was an idiot and didn't read the directions first which are clearly written n the package, so it kept falling into the water. But once I actually read the directions and applied it correctly, it worked perfectly. It says to wait 24 hours before first use for best results. And when you are setting it up, you will need to keep it away from the little ones because the Limpet Lock suction cups have some smaller pieces if taken fully apart.

I like the super cute design and so do my kiddos. My son keeps trying to play with it, but it still holds up. You can check out the video above just to see how well it held all of our toys. Hurley Hippo is available to purchase on Amazon.

Do your kiddos' play in the bath? Do you have a bath toy organizer? What do you think of Hurley Hippo?

I received complimentary products to provide an honest review. All opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.


  1. This looks great! I've not long thrown a toy holder for bath toys because it kept coming down x

  2. We do have a toy organizer (doesn't everyone with toddlers need one?!) but it's a piece of garbage. It falls down every bath. We actually just have it leaned against the side of the bath. This is much more classy, and it looks like it would hold up much better! I love it!

  3. This is super cute! What a great idea. Those suction cups look really cool, I've never seen locking suction cups before. I bet they're really secure if the baby pulls on the hippo!


  4. No kids here, but if we did, this would be a great way to organize their toys in the tub. I bet it makes bath time that much for fun for the little ones.

  5. Well, this one looks like a sturdy basket. We don't have toys, we have never been big "bath time payers" and now with the drought we have to save water so no more water play in the tub. I really like that mechanism of suction cups, never heard of it before and question: what's happening in the photo where the hippo is on the faucet? is that another use? or why is the mouth open like that in the product? lol I am just curious

    1. Haha. I guess I really didn't explain that. Oops. I was trying to show that the top opens as well to maximize storage. LOL

  6. All the bath toy organizers that I have seen are plain white mesh bags - I love that Cheraboo came up with Hungry Hippo! Hungry Hippo is fun and different, and I bet that kiddos appreciate him much more than a plain white mesh bag :)

  7. He is so cute. It looks like a great way to keep bath toys tidy and organized too. I imagine he might be a bath time favorite.

  8. Okay this is just adorable! Companies come up with the most clever things I swear. I think my favorite thing about this, other than how cute it is, is the lock suction cup! I HATE dealing with things that claim to hold strong, but fall every time you leave the room. Haha. This one sounds just right. & dont worry, I dont always read the instructions either haha.

  9. I love having a toy organizer. I don't know how I manage as long as I did without one.

  10. I do not have kids yet but this is great concept to have toys organizer for bath. The look is cute and locking mechanism is cool. Making a mental note to get something like this once I start family plannng :)

  11. This is such a cute bath toy organizer! I can think of several young ones who I could give this to as a gift. Love the locking suction cups!

  12. Oh, I really wanted this cute toy organizer for my baby but sadly the offer was only for US. I really love the concept and knowing the suction cups work great is tempting me to but one!


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