Snugglish by Totlings Review #HGG2014

When I was contacted by Totlings to provide a review, I was really excited. I had heard about Snugglish's innovative design to prevent SIDS and flat-head syndrome already. Plus I thought it would make a great seat for him once he was older. Peanut was at the perfect age and hadn't started rolling over yet. But by the time the review was confirmed, he had started rolling over which made getting pictures of him in it a little more difficult. So when we first received the Totlings Snugglish Meadows Velvet Top Bean Bag, Red with White, SweetPea had no issues testing it out. In fact, she loves it. And I can't believe that in only two weeks she will be 4!

Since Peanut started taking a bottle more regularly, he has become quite the independent eater. Although you should never leave a child with a bottle unattended (just like any other food), he has been using the Snugglish to recline in while he has a bottle.

We are very happy with this as far as infant seating goes that can grow with your child. And I'm excited to include Snugglish by Totlings in my Holiday Gift Guide.
Why Snugglish?

Check out the back story to help make a more memorable childhood:

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What do you think of Snugglish by Totlings? What is your favorite part of "Totlings - The Birth of Snugglish"?

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