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Little man is discovering foods. He has 4 teeth now...yes FOUR! And so he has been testing out more and more solids...within reason. He isn't a fan of baby food anymore, he just one day went through a phase of not wanting to eat it. And for a while breastmilk was satisfying him. But then he wanted something more. And before he had teeth I had NO idea what to do. He would try to gum some bread here and there. But then when we were on vacation, we grabbed some Gerber Wagon Wheels and he was in heaven!

Since then we have let him try Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts (which his sissy loves too) and Gerber Graduates Puffs that we were sent and he has LOVED them! The reason we were sent such awesome goodies is because Gerber is now available for purchase at Save-A-Lot!

My daughter LOVES the Gerber Grabbers. I pack them as her snack for school quite often. I have also been giving Peanut a formula bottle on occasion. Because my supply has been having issues keeping up with his needs when he is going through a growth spurt. I received some Gerber formula samples a few months ago and he has been taking that kind with no issues what so ever. I'm not a huge fan of formula, but it's nice to know it's there if we need it.


Save-A-Lot would like to give you the chance to win more Gerber goodness each week! Enter to win a $25 Save-A-Lot gift by checking out the Smart Shopper Club Sweepstakes on the Save-A-Lot Facebook page.

Do you shop at Save-A-Lot? Does your little one eat Gerber products? What are some of their favorites?

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