Showing Our #DisneySide at Dragon*Con 2014!

This past weekend we made our annual trip up to Atlanta to go to the amazing Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention known as Dragon*Con! This was my 9th Dragon*Con and I always look forward to it each year.
This was our first year actually seeing the Parade. Sweet Pea's first Dragon*Con, we tried to see the parade but arrived too late and it was too crowded. I was smart this year and carrier Peanut in my lillebaby carrier because I knew from that experience that a stroller just doesn't work in the crowd.

I dressed Peanut up as Goofy. Found this gem at Babies-R-Us for only $5. SweetPea wanted to wear her Ariel dress that she received as a gift for Christmas. (Disney Princess Ariel Doll and Toddler Dress Gift Set* ) She is loving The Little Mermaid these days.

It was hot and crowded during the parade. The parade started at 10 am, so we starting waiting at 9 am in our "seats". I stood with Peanut in the carrier while Hubby & Sweet Pea sat on the curb. Peanut took a nap & woke up as the parade started. We were right up front and I could feel people pushing me as soon as it started. So half way through we went and sat in the parking deck to cool off and hydrate.

SweetPea said she saw Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) and saw a scary green dragon (Netherworld) that made her snuggle daddy. She was also very excited about her picture with Ariel (The Little Mermaid).
We went to the merchant area which was so huge this year (glad they moved it) that there were THREE rooms! The 3rd room was HUGE and upstairs. There was a line waiting for the escalator and security was saying it was closed. So we just went around the corner, saw an elevator, got on, and it took us to the room. There was security on the elevator too and she said people just didn't know that you could use the elevator. We felt like we lucked out! We also got a table at lunch and if you've ever been to con then you know this is a big deal. :)
At the merchant area, Hubby wanted to buy SweetPea something My Little Pony because she is LOVING that show right now. But everything was pricey. We finally found some decent sized plushies for $30.

Anyone know what it says?

He asked me if he should buy it (Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony* is her favorite) and explained to me how good she had been (she really had though), I said if that's what you want to spend your money on. Her face when she got it was so worth it. Then we saw some more and they were asking $200 and then we saw some that were half the size of the one we bought and they were asking $35. So we felt we got a good deal at that point. LOL
 I was kind of disappointed with the celebrities they had this year in the Walk of Fame. And the reason being, the ones I wanted to meet must have been to lunch because their spot was there, but they weren't.

I know I said last year we would be going the whole time and getting a room, but we really are next year!

Have you ever been to a Sci-Fi Convention? Have you ever been to Dragon*Con?


  1. Thanks for sharing your family's trip. Kids and Disney are really made for each other and I guess, even adults do. I know how kids get excited each time they see a Disney character! I must say that everyone has their special relationship with Disney characters.

  2. Sounds like a hot but fun time. The kids looked super cute. I have never been to anything like this before.

  3. Family Bonding and Memories is what it's all about! Great family outing for all ages!


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