Maintaining Back and Pelvic Support During Pregnancy

Although a woman's body is designed to carry and deliver a baby, it may still suffer as a consequence of pregnancy. A woman's back and pelvis can suffer stress from carrying a developing baby as well as because of hormonal changes. Coping with the stress is important in order to protect your back and pelvis throughout the pregnancy and beyond. The following tips will help you protect your back and pelvis during pregnancy.

No Heavy Lifting
Even if you feel great and could previously lift heavy items, you should refrain from doing so while pregnant. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your joints, which in turn affect the back and pelvic muscles. It's easier to strain these muscles during pregnancy. Moreover, you need them to function optimally in order to carry your baby to term. If you have other children, encourage them to climb into chairs themselves, for example. Also, it may be wiser to carry fewer grocery sacks inside at a time and opt for more trips to the car instead.
Wear a Pregnancy Band
As you belly grows, it places more demands on your back and pelvis. You may feel achy and sore. To reduce these symptoms and provide your body with the support it needs, a pregnancy band is a must. You'll feel better as you move around and go about your daily tasks when the band is in place. Many women also continue to rely on the support of pregnancy bands even after the birth of their child.
Exercise Regularly
You should talk to your healthcare provider about routine exercise. Most pregnant women are, in fact, advised to perform light exercise. Movement will promote endurance, which will be needed during labor and delivery. Exercise also prevents women from gaining unwanted weight. Exercise is good for your heart and also keeps your muscles in optimum working order. When your muscles are exercised, they can support you better all day long.
Keep these tips in mind in order to ward off back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

About the Author:
Vivian Dubois is the mother of twin girls. Feel free to connect with her on Google+.


  1. No heavy lifting? I was very sure I could lift...will be going by your post as I do not want to hurt my back. Thank you ... your post has been very helpful - shaunie

  2. I know when I was pregnant I had restrictions on lifting, at first nothing over 25 lbs, then nothing over 10 lbs, but everyone is different and it's best to consult your OB!


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