How I Grocery Shop with an Infant

I was never huge into baby wearing with SweetPea. Not because I didn't want to, I tried...., I just didn't have a good carrier. Which made grocery shopping before she could sit up on her own by myself almost impossible. My husband works in a grocery store, so the last thing he wants to do is go grocery shopping on his days off. He works long hours, so I try to soak up every minute I can with him. I do sometimes leave the kids with m mother-in-law when she isn't working, but I don't like to burden her too much. So grocery shopping with just me and the kids is our norm.

Tips on Grocery Shopping with an Infant

If you've been following me on Instagram (and you should be), I have been sharing my love of my new Boba 4G Carrier in Dusk (which is their top selling carrier).

Peanut loves being worn. He just drifts off to sleep whenever he is in it. I can get so much more done around the house and the best part? I can go grocery shopping with both kids in tow by myself. Hubby works at a grocery store, so the last thing he wants to do on his days off is grocery shop. Plus, I plan all my trips (since I am a couponer and all) and Hubby will just throw things he wants in the cart without looking at prices or anything! So I don't like taking him with me. I like going alone, but that truly isn't practical.

So a great carrier like the Boba 4G is a must! Yesterday I went shopping with just Peanut, while Hubby took SweetPea to his work for a little "movie night" the employees were having. I nursed little man in the parking lot before we got started because he was hungry and I prefer to use a nursing pillow (I have a Boppy and a Mombo). I also haven't quite managed mastering breastfeeding in my Boba carrier yet (maybe when he is a little older), but there are tons of videos for how to do this available on YouTube.

Boba Infant Carrier Review

So I put him in the Boba 4G with the infant insert since he is still only 12 lbs. It is VERY easy to put him in by myself once I got the hang of it (please remember I was a baby wearing newbie). It has a little pocket that I can fit my cell phone in (or your card, cash, etc.) when I am shopping so I can easily grab it. I keep a shopping list on my phone (plus I like to browse the e-coupons) so this is a HUGE deal for me. It has 'hood', so you can brace your child's head while sleeping or (like I did when we went strawberry picking at Southern Belle Farm) you can use it to cover them from the sun/light. It has purse strap holders (or in my case a diaper bag holder) to help with holding that.

Wear All The Babies - Babywearing Advice

He loves looking around now that he is almost two and a half months old (can you believe it?). About half way into our shopping trip, he will get a little annoyed, but then I just sway him back and forth then he falls asleep and stays that way for the rest of time! When I have SweetPea, she has really been into riding in the cart these days (especially if it has a 'car') so that pretty much keeps her entertained (so do the free cookies).

I love my Boba 4G and wish I had it when SweetPea was a baby. I feel like we just totally missed out on the 'babywearing bond' that can only come from a good carrier. The Boba 4G in Dusk is only $125 from and Boba provides FREE shipping on all orders. They also provide free returns for 100% satisfaction guarantee! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google Plus to keep in touch with fun info, cute pictures, and even some great giveaways!

Did you babywear with your child/ren? What made grocery shopping with an infant in tow easier for you? What do you think of the Boba 4G?

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  1. I haven't mastered nursing a newborn in an upright-style carrier, either. I can nurse a newborn in a sling, or a somewhat older baby upright, but that tiny baby + upright carrier combination is one I just can't seem to get the hang of.

    But definitely the carrier makes it SO much more realistic to get the shopping done!

  2. I didn't wear my first either for the same reason you had-I didn't have a good carrier. I am absolutely loving my Maya Wrap ring sling with my second.

  3. I have an Ergo. Do you have any experience with an Ergo? If so, I was wondering if you could explain how it is different than a Boba. I liked the Ergo and used it a lot with my babies. It certainly did make shopping easier, especially when I had a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old riding in the shopping cart (so there was so room to set a baby carrier in, even if I had wanted to)! I always wanted to master breastfeeding while wearing the Ergo, but I never did.

  4. I didn't babywear, the carriers that were around with my first child had these weird stiff backs and the one I had was uncomfortable for me and my child. I think I would have if I had access to the Boba 4G

  5. This looks great! I totally plan on getting one or something similar for when we have our baby in January.

  6. I love this! I usually take our SSC grocery shopping, and wear my infant and push my older two in a race-car cart or the stroller! I followed on instagram, your link reads "" and I had to take out one of the coms :) Thanks for linking up!

  7. I will definitely be using a carrier when I am infant plus one! I have a two and a half year old now and she'll be a little over three by the time we have another, so this will make life easier!


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