"Dr. Carey’s Baby Care: First Year Baby Care Guide" Review

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Dr. Carey is a respected practicing pediatrician in Ventura, California. He hosts Dr. Carey’s Baby Care on CAPS-TV in Ventura and other public broadcasting stations nationwide. He self-published a comprehensive review series for medical students and has written articles for Ventura Parent Magazine. He serves as a guest speaker for numerous expectant parent classes. Dr. Carey is known for his relaxed and fun attitude, good bedside manner and for always taking his patient’s concerns seriously. He has a deep love for the children he cares for. The creation of his first book will help you get through all the hiccups of your baby’s first year.

Each child is different and even experienced parents can have issues arise that they have never seen before. It is nice to have a quick, easy to read reference right there if/when I need it! There are so many topics covered in this book that I needed to reference this time around and it's good to know that I wasn't alone and that they were ALL common issues that can arise.

With over 120 full color pictures and less than 80 pages, "Dr. Carey's Baby Care: First Year Baby Care Guide" shares baby care as if you were in Dr. Carey's pediatric office. It's easy to understand to ease your concerns and eliminate those sleepless nights. "Dr. Carey’s Baby Care: First Year Baby Care Guide" will provide essential baby care knowledge and a better understanding of when your baby needs to be seen by a professional, so you have the confidence to be an outstanding parent to your baby.

“Pediatrics is very visual, yet books about baby care are not. I wish to change that. My goal in writing Dr. Carey’s Baby Care: First Year Baby Care Guide is to bring all the colorful images I see in my office to parents.”

“In a world of information overload, I aimed to keep this book short and to the point. Despite the quick read, if a picture is worth a thousand words, one might say I spoke a lot. The photos that I share in my book depict items that I am asked about every day in my office.”

Some of the topics Dr. Carey shares in this book:
Your baby’s developmental milestones
Newborn rashes explained
How to handle minor medical problems as they arise
Surviving your baby being sick
Answers to the most common questions parents ask
PLUS – A place to record your baby’s milestones

1. Development – Look at What My Baby Did! Let’s take a journey together and learn the nuances of development. You’ll know what to expect from your baby’s stages before these wonderful moments pass you by in a blink. Explained: Newborn Reflexes, Rooting and Sucking Reflex, Hand and Foot Grasp, Fencing Reflex, Startle Reflex, Positive Support Reflex Development by Age, and One Month to One Year.

2. Rashes, Rashes, Rashes – Newborn Rashes Explained. Colorful photographs bring to life a myriad of common newborn rashes to help you name and treat (if needed) these irritations: Salmon Patch, Acne, Heat Rash, Sucking Blister, Milia, Sebaceous Glands, Mottled, Erythema Toxicum Neonatorum, Peeling, Mongolian Spot, Gum Cysts, Epstein Pearl, Skin Tags, Conjunctival Hemorrhage, and Hemangioma.

“Most of the newborn rash images shown in my book are harmless, but when seen on a baby, these rashes keep many parents up at night. I feel good knowing that parents will be calmed and comforted once they can identify that mysterious rash on their baby.”

3. Baby Care That Nobody Talks About – Common Baby Issues Explained. From umbilical cord care to basic questions about your baby’s private area, here are the answers with photographs to questions we sometimes feel shy about asking: Bundling, Umbilical Cord Care, Circumcision, Adhesion After Circumcision, and Newborn Vaginal Discharge.
“I have a secret. When I see a crying baby for the first time, I bundle him snugly, rock him gently, and peek at his parents as they wonder how I calmed their baby so quickly. Truthfully, this secret technique has been used for ages. Many authors have tried to adopt this technique as their own, but bundling is universally known and it is a skill well worth your time to master.”

4. Those Messy Diapers – Is This Normal? Be thankful this is not a scratch-and-sniff book. Dr. Carey will dispose of your poop questions before too many pile up: Meconium, Bottle-fed Diaper, Breast-fed Diaper, and Urate Crystals.

5. Minor Medical Problems – Simple Solutions to Common Problems. Here are the photographs that make Doctor Mom even more of an expert. It that diaper rash just irritation or from yeast? Why is your baby’s eye goopy? Is that thrush in the mouth? Clear color photographs and a concise explanation will guide you through the most frequently asked medical baby care questions: Diaper Rashes, Irritant Contact Diaper Dermatitis, Candial Diaper Dermatitis, Bacterial Diaper Dermatitis, Seborrhea, Thrush, Blocked Tear Duct, Umbilical Granuloma, Umbilical Hernia, and Caput Succedaneum.
“Parents pride themselves on having a rash-free child. When a diaper rash does develop, we mark this as a personal failure. Truthfully, no one is to blame. The most diligent parent will eventually be battling their child’s diaper rash. It’s not your fault. Let’s talk about prevention and how to deal with the inevitable.”
 “These three simple steps will help prevent most diaper rashes: 1. Change diapers frequently with ultra-absorbent diapers. 2. Wipe but do not scrub the skin when changing a soiled mess. 3. Apply a diaper rash cream after every diaper change.”
“This approach will keep most newborns rash-free. Despite our best efforts, rashes can still happen, and there are several different types of rashes. A few pictures of different types o diaper rashes will quickly make you a treatment expert.”

6. The Sick Baby – When to be Concerned. Whether comforting a baby with a runny nose or tending to a fever, Dr. Carey offers practical suggestions for determining when you should seek expert attention from your baby’s doctor: Common Cold, Nasal Suctioning, Fever, and Urinating.

7. Since You Asked – Simple Answers to Common Questions. From eating and sleeping to teething and colic, Dr. Carey shares practical explanations to your common questions: States of a Baby, Feeding, Sleeping, Colic, Pacifiers, Hiccups, Teething, Traveling, and Newborn & Two-Year-Old.

“Just because you have a new baby, do not feel trapped at home. It is easier to go out with a newborn than it will be when your baby is six months old. Unless someone is coughing on your baby, you have little to be concerned about. Bundle your baby appropriately and go out. Even airplane travel is safe and very simple with a newborn. If possible, offer a pacifier or feed your baby via bottle or breast during take-off and landing to reduce the possibility of ear discomfort when the pressure changes. Enjoy the world with your baby. You will be much happier not feeling trapped inside.”

8. My Baby’s Milestones – Follow Your Baby’s Development.

What do you think is important to know that first year?

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  1. The baby care that nobody talks about is the most important topic to me!

  2. I think the miinor medical problems is important , who better to get advice for medical problems than from a dr

  3. This is a very good book. My sister needs this book for my nephew. I need to get this and give it to her at her baby shower. She could read it and get help.

  4. sounds like a great book. my sister just had a baby and this would be great for her. maybe i will pick it up for her.


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