Nanny to Mommy: So How About Some Giveaways?

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

So How About Some Giveaways?

Since I have been completely slacking on the blog for the past week (can you believe my baby boy is a week & 2 days old today?) because my peanut decided to come 3 weeks early, how about a week of giveaways? Look for some fun giveaways coming up next week including a Target Gift Card, Family Dollar Gift Card, and some fun baby/kid products!

Thank you all for your congratulations. And I will get back with it starting Monday! :D


  1. Spend the precious time with your newborn, your blog & your fans will be here waiting for you :)

  2. We'll still be here. OMG!! How about take care of you and baby.

  3. As moms, we understand. Congratulations! I'm sure there is a story about his birth. My son was also 3 weeks early. I have found that writing and scheduling posts in bunches works for me.


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