15 Minutes For Me? {Graco Little Lounger Event #Graco15ForMe}

I attended an event, received a complimentary Graco Little Lounger™, and compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

I still can't believe I am half way through this pregnancy already. When did we get here? March 21st is right around the corner, and as most of you know, we aren't finding out the gender. My mother-in-law keeps mentioning getting the nursery together, and while we are in the process of working on it, I'm not worried about that because we will have the Graco Little Lounger™ to keep bedside and to help us get 15 minutes back for ourselves.

Graco Little Lounger Review

The Graco Little Lounger™ is designed to give you 15 minutes for you. You can take those 15 minutes and have a hot shower (what is that?) or work out those sore "nursing back" muscles with some simple and easy yoga moves. I had the opportunity this past Thursday to attend an event to learn more about the Graco Little Lounger™ with some fellow Atlanta based bloggers. Thanks to Krystyn from Really? Are You Serious? for hosting! We also had a special guest; Meryl from Sacred Thread Yoga demonstrate how we could take just 15 minutes to relieve some stress using simple stretches.

Sacred Thread Yoga

I am very worried about Sweet Pea feeling left out. She has been the only child for almost three years now and although she seems really excited about the new baby, I don't know if she really knows what she is getting herself into. My main goal is to make sure she feels included in everything and the Graco Little Lounger can help me achieve this goal.

Graco Little Lounger Features Review

The Graco Little Lounger™ is both a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger. You can adjust the incline angle with a multitude of recline positions to find the perfect angle for your baby and it has a 3-point harness to keep baby secure. My favorite feature is the Rock Locks™. If you already have an older child, you can just flip the two Rock Locks™ and those rambunctious toddler siblings can’t accidentally rock baby out. As you can see, there is also a toy bar that comes with it to keep baby entertained. The Graco Little Lounger™ is also easy to store (or for travel) because with the push of a button, it squeezes together, and folds up compactly. The Graco Little Lounger™ is safe for infants up to 30 pounds (or around 20 baby dolls ;]). But remember that with any infant equipment/accessory, it’s important to keep an eye on their developmental queues because the lounger isn't meant for babies who are able to move into a seated position by themselves.

Graco Little Lounger Features

I can hardly wait for our surprise little bundle of joy to be here. I know that SweetPea and the new baby will love each other. And the Graco Little Lounger™ will help them become close friends from the start.

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I received a complimentary Graco Little Lounger™ in Caraway fashion that is exclusively sold at Babies-R-Us (other fashions sold at various locations) and compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. This would have been perfect when I had a newborn! Thanks for sharing! Best wishes for an easy pregnancy and healthy baby!

  2. Love your descriptions. Could defin use 15 minutes to myself!

  3. This is really neat-wish I had one when my kids were babies. 15 minutes can be a big help!

  4. I feel somewhat jealous that I never had anything like this when my kids were newborns. Congrats on your expanding family & your 15 minutes! :-)

  5. How adorable - great post!!

  6. I DEFINITELY need to get this product. I'm 16+ weeks now. With my firstborn, I had a Moses basket, but it was on the floor and not the easiest to get to.

  7. Love the Little Lounger! I picked one up for my sister who's expecting a baby in May and I'm sure she's going to get a lot of use out of it.

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