Potty Training a Toddler: Staying Dry At Night

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Sweet Pea is a heavy wetter and although she is dry during the days now (even at nap time), she still has nightly accidents. We have tried everything. Restricting liquids near bed time, which seems to help but being that it's summer and it can get hot in her room - plus we have a tendency to stay up late on the weekends and with fall ball season starting up, I don't see that working out. We also tried waking her up to potty, before I didn't like doing this because I would get so tired the next day, but now that I am pregnant, getting up at night is part of our regular routine, so this has helped the most. But it is a comfort to know that she has her GoodNites.
GoodNites Undercover Mission
Sweet Pea was so excited as soon as we opened the package. She loves the Disney Fairies so the GoodNites girl's design was right up her alley. I love the way GoodNites fit perfectly under her night clothes and look just like big girl underwear.
Not only if you visit GoodNites.com can you get a $2 off coupon, but you can also sign up for the undercover mission for the chance to win weekly prizes. The GoodNites Facebook page under Mission Control has a way to engage in conversations around bedwetting and receive honest advice in a private, trusting parent-to-parent environment.
What makes this community so rewarding is knowing that I am not the only parent going through this and that I can get help and advice from others who have been through this before me.
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  1. I might need to get these for H too, during the day she stays pretty dry but night time we have accidents now sometimes because she can try and drink too much before bed

  2. we used goodnights for a while. they do work :)

  3. I have personally found waking them at night is the best way to cut down on the wet mornings. Easy for us because my little ones get up to come to the big bed around 3 am. I still do not completely trust this method on those days my little one goes to bed super exhausted so these would be nice for those nights. Love how trim they look under clothing. No big kid wants to have a huge bottom.

  4. Sweet Pea is SO cute! I'm happy she was so pleased with the Disney Fairy designs. It is very important that toddlers are proud of their "undie" designs.

    Bobbie Anne

  5. Your daughter is very cute :) And yes, we are also dealing with this particular stage in our toddler's life. Goodnites could help us :) Thanks for the review.

  6. My daughter is so close to getting out of her Pull-ups! We haven't tried these yet but I think we will!

  7. dont have any potty training kids but these saved me many times.

  8. I am STILL potty training my twin boys, which has been going on for a while now. I may need these down the road if things continue to progress as slow as they have been!

  9. I hope they don't change them before I start potty training Shelby in a few years.


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