My Baby the Garlic Stuffed Olive

Okay so technically turned over to 9 weeks preggo on Friday. I have Mommy Brain and Pregnancy Brain combined. It's bad around here. Bare with me, please. :)
According to The Bump, our baby is now the size of a green olive (a grape according to Baby Center). So I handed my Hubby a jar of these Private Selection Garlic Stuffed Olives that we had in the pantry and said, "This is the size of your baby." We got a good giggle out of it.

9 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of an olive

I did this little what's going on this week thing when I was pregnant SweetPea, so I will try and update each week. :)

How Far Along?
9 weeks (& 4 days as of today)

Total Weight Gain:
None as of yet. :)

I had some restless sleep last night, but I have been exhausted and since I'm not uncomfortable yet and besides crazy pregnancy dreams that I can't remember the next morning, I have been sleeping ah-may-zing! Sometimes with naps for good measure. :)

Ice CREAM! But I haven't been giving in. ;)

Nope. I have been feeling phantom flutters since a few weeks after I gave birth to SweetPea, so if I feel anything I still think that's what it is.

Best Moment This Week:
When we ask SweetPea if she wants a brother or sister, she says brother. We will also ask her where the baby is and she points to my belly and says "Tummy Baby" or "Baby Tummy".

Graduating to fetus. :)

Favorite Moments:
Re-Announcing our pregnancy to family at the family reunion on Saturday
2nd pregnancy announcement t-shirt

It's crazy how many things are different this time around. Laws are different for goodness sake! LOL Here's my little go to list. I have been asked why didn't you I something so many times by family that it truly is getting ridiculous. So I decided to make a go to cheat sheet, so we can go step-by-step exactly what has changed since the almost three years since I was pregnant with SweetPea.

Things That Are Different This Pregnancy:
1. cell phones, smart phones, apps - I got an Android smart phone that my pregnancy brain is making me forget the name of when SweetPea was first born. And it was considered a smart phone, but Androids didn't have all the apps that iPhones had back then PLUS there are even more apps now for smart phones that make keeping track of diapers, feedings, and all sorts of other things that would have been really useful! Like reminders for weekly/monthly pregnancy photos, tracking weight gain, or staying social on message boards. PLUS my phone I had when I was pregnant with SweetPea was a crappy flip phone with terrible picture quality.

2. breast pump through insurance - Thanks to new legislation, you can go through your insurance to get a breast pump. I had a hand-me-down Evenflo Comfort Select Double Performance Dual Auto-Cycling Breast Pump that my sister-in-law gave me. It was horrible. And although some people just aren't good at pumping, no matter what they do, I think my pump was a major problem in my pumping situation. It would have been nice to get Sweet Pea use to a bottle, so I could have a guilt-free night every now and again.

3. Rear Facing until age 2 - I felt forced to forward face Sweet Pea too early. Before I wanted to. And now looking back at it, others had the dumbest, most selfish reasons. But it is now the LAW that children stay rear-facing until age 2. The exciting thing though, I already have a brand-new infant carrier thanks to blogging. :)

4. No more drop down cribs - We have one and actually this changed right before Sweet Pea was born when we already had our crib. We just don't use the drop down side feature. When people ask us if we had lowered our crib, they need to remember - our crib is already lower than non- drop down side cribs.

I'm sure I can think of some more. But my previous pregnancy turned into mommy brain and now I have it mixed with pregnancy again, making my memory mommy brain worse x2. So that's what's new with us. How has your week been?

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  1. All the best with your pregnancy! I'm sure Sweet Pea will be just as happy if she gets a little sister. :)

  2. Awwww! A little olive!! :)

  3. Congratulations!!!
    All is going great, and this is awesome, looking forward to following your pregnancy. We love babies... :) Take Care.

  4. How exciting!! Congratulations!!! Looking forward to these updates. :)

  5. Oh my goodness mummy brain + pregnancy brain combined - that's fatal ;-)

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  6. I can't pinpoint all the changes 7 years ago from my first- awesome memory! -livivua

  7. Aw! Congratulations! :)

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