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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Circle of Mom's Top 25 Southern Moms

Hey everyone! I'm in the running for the Top 25 Southern Moms of 2013 on Circle of Moms. I would love it, if you had a second to click the badge below and vote for me. You can vote daily, if you wish. :)

And if you are in any contests, please leave your link in a comment and I'll make sure to vote for you as well. Thank you all so much. Voting ends in 7 days. :)


  1. Very funny blog name and description ;) Congrats on your pregnancy! I've got four girls and I STILL don't know everything - or even half of everything.

  2. Voted! You are now at 29 - Best wishes! I'll try to remember every day!

  3. Thanks for the daily reminders on Fb. I vote whenever I see them.

  4. Just voted Diana! I was vote #38. My blog Hiccups and Sunshine is up for Top 50 Military Mom Blogs of 2013. I'd appreciate a vote!

    Kelly <3


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