Barely the Size of a Kumquat

That's what I read on BabyCenter today (or a prune according to TheBump or a Strawberry if you look at my side bar and see my LilyPie ticker).

10 weeks: Baby is the size of a strawberry
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The exciting news this week? Baby has fingernails. FINGERNAILS!

Now for the other stuff. I want to stay open with all of my readers. I was in the beginning through my first pregnancy's journey and I want to through this one as well. With that said, I have a doctor's appointment on Monday. I have been spotting the past few days. Very lightly. But I am past the point where it could be implantation bleeding. I haven't been doing anything crazy, like lifting boulders or running a marathon. So I'm impatiently awaiting my appointment. Today, my nausea has subsided and that just makes me even more nervous. I never spotted with Sweet Pea. I read that some women have more cramps and spotting with the second, but I don't know how true that is and can't find any explanation as to why. My sister-in-law is a nurse and she said she thinks I am fine. It's so wonderful to have a medical professional in the family. She eased my mind a lot.

Sweet Pea eating kale at trivia

So needless to say, I have been taking it easy. I was craving steak yesterday and Hubby took me out to get one. We also played trivia for the first time in ever. Sweet Pea did so good that we are thinking of making it a weekly thing. Sweet Pea is also mastering potty training. She has become a pro. She even stayed dry through dinner last night. I couldn't be more proud.

My appointment on Monday makes me nervous because not only because of what I have going on, but I also have to go by myself. Hubby couldn't get it off work because of Labor Day being so close and my mother-in-law is watching Sweet Pea for us. The only time I went to an appointment by myself, I had to go straight to the hospital to be induced due to pre-eclampsia.
So needless to say I haven't been sleeping well and a bundle of nerves.

Official Nuby Mommy Blogger

Something else exciting has happened today, I got an email confirming I am official Nuby Mommy Blogger. So keep an eye out for exciting reviews and possible giveaways! I am very excited to be a part of their team because I have been loving Nuby products for almost three years now. And I can't wait to share their new products with all of you.

So that's how we are doing this week. How has your week been going? Please share below or if you have a post, I'd love to see for myself. :)


  1. I had spotting a bit later on at 21 weeks with my second and it turned out to be Placenta Previa. I made it to 39 weeks and had to be induced. But will say I know and feel for you, because I too was os afraid when I was spotting. I also never spotted with my first pregnancy either. Sending good thoughts your way and hoping that all goes well with your appointment. And congrats on becoming a Nuby Mommy Blogger!!

  2. Congrats on the upcoming little one! I have to mention I had some spotting with one of my pregnancies. (I believe sometimes the placenta is too low). He was fine though and actually came overdue :)

    Hope all goes well and look forward to seeing your updates, Rachael @

  3. Congradulations on the new addition. Babies are always so much fun, in addition to your other children! I am stopping by from FunnyPostpardum Lady and now following you on bloglovin. Stop by and check me out

  4. So how did you do going by yourself? My girl was born with long and sharp fingernails.

  5. Congrats and I imagine your are now beyond this stage. It is normal to spot and shouldn't cause panic in you. I know you can't help it, but its better to stay positive in this time. I had the same thing happen to me and it was for the first 3 months of my first pregnancy and trust me I was a wreck until doctor told me that it does happen and more often than you think.


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