Skype Keeps Families In Touch

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Skype. As always all opinions are 100% my own.

You’ve heard of Skype, right? Skype is a versatile online phone service, that allows for instant message-type conversations, audio and even video conferencing.

In 2003, I was a Junior in high school. My brother had joined the army and was working in Korea. My father had a stroke that same year. I felt alone and really needed someone to talk to, someone who could relate because they were feeling what I was feeling. I would write to my brother, but I wish there was a communications software available to us. Skype is an amazing program that let's families call each other online so they can always keep in touch.

Every vacation my in-laws go on, they ask us to stay connected through Skype so they don't miss a beat with their ever-growing grandbabies.

Please watch the following video and let me know your thoughts.

What did you think? This video is especially sweet that he was able to see his family and for once, have a family portrait. Skype is known around the world for helping people stay close whenever they’re apart. And that is truly amazing.

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  1. I've really got to get on the Skype bandwagon...the funny thing is my kids use it all the time to talk to their friends, but I've never used it. I guess I'll ask one of my kids how to set up an account and give it a whirl!

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  3. My husband travels a ton for work and we Skype pretty much every night! Check out this blog of when we used Skype so we could celebrate a birthday together:! Skype is such a great tool for us!


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