The Cost of Your Vices

The Cost Of Your Vices

How much money are you wasting by spending money on things you don't need? We think we need them because we are so addicted to them that we have convinced ourselves that we need them.

eBay has made this nifty quiz to figure out how much money you could save annually if you didn't smoke, drink alcohol, eat fast food, drink sodas, or drink coffee. The last was my worst vice.

Now I personally think name brand products can be vices as well. When you are on a budget, you can't afford to be brand specific. It is an unrealistic expectation. And if I hear another woman (who does all the grocery shopping) say she can't buy something because her husband likes a certain brand, I'm going to go crazy. My husband use to be brand specific on laundry detergent (for a period we had to be due to my daughter's skin allergies), bread, milk, and various other things. Those cost add up. I was doing the shopping. I bought what was on sale. That meant snack food only on special occasions. And you know what? he actually lost 10 lbs based on my efforts.

{Also being on a budget you should shop sales, but that's a post for another day all together.}

I could save over $800 a year according to this quiz if I didn't drink my daily cup of coffee. Now, of course, this quiz doesn't include my couponing efforts. And with taking care of two toddlers and working 12 hour days, giving up my one cup of coffee ain't gonna happen. But it was an eye opener to see how much we were spending.

Here is the link to the quiz, how much are you spending on your vices?

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  2. Your husband lost 10 pounds from your grocery shopping?? That is amazing, girl! I am too scared to take the quiz. Guess that's my first indicator of me needing to cut some things out. :(


    1. He so over the course of a year. His diet was the only thing that changed and it was because we bought less junk food. :)

  3. I could save $3,555 a year! Holy crap!!! That sure is an eye opener. Thanks for sharing this quiz, now it's time for me to consider some of the choices I make...but like you, I will keep the coffee! LOL

  4. I got as far as the soda question and the computer wouldn't let me choose finish so I don't know if there was anything else but we don't do any of those vices- drinking, smoking, coffee or soda.

  5. OMG! I'm so scared to take this quiz! I totally know I waste a ton of money on stupid crap. Okay, I'm going to do this quiz, but I"m not going to like it! :-)

  6. I didn't know about the quiz but I am sure I could save over 2K a year if we scaled back. I am working on just saving a few hundred a month.

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  7. We used to spend a lot on fast food. It's amazing how that adds up. Now my main vice is coffee. My husband's is energy drinks. I don't know if we can ever give those up though!


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