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I don't know whether to feel honored or embarrassed but my photo was featured in Zale's new video for Mother's Day.

What is going on in this picture? Besides the fact that I have a HUGE gap, my pants are too tight, there's a desert background but I'm wearing a beach shirt? But that big plastic ring really classes it up.

Here's the video. Enjoy!

Are you friends with your mom on Facebook? If not, now is the perfect time to make her day with a very special friend request! To show moms everywhere how much they mean to us, Zales is asking everyone to join the movement and Friend Your Mom! Check out the Zales Facebook page to join the movement and enter to win a gift from Zales at the same time. After all there's no better way to let mom shine this Mother's Day than with a gift from The Diamond Store!

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  1. haha! That's awesome! I love the desert back ground. Nice!

  2. awww cute though! Your daughter looks just like you.

    At least you don't have the mom-cut-my-own-bangs hair! lol

  3. This is very interesting and seriously thanks for sharing. And god do I photos that could revival yours from above. I thank god they are buried somewhere in my parents house!!

  4. This is awesome! :) Love the video and that picture is cute! Not nearly as embarrassing as some of those others ;)

  5. Ha awesome! I think we all have an awkward photo like that :)

  6. Awesome photo! And yes, I'm friends with my mom on Facebook :)

  7. I think there is something so sweet and innocent about those pictures. I think you should treasure them instead of be embarrassed by them! Found you on the mingle. Very cute blog.



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