Simplicity {Wordful Wednesday Linky}

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Linky

I had a rough week last week. Being sick and having to still focus on the day to day was challenging. Hubby is more than busy at work and with the blog, housework, and just dealing with life, my brain and body had issues keeping up.
I wanted to scream at someone (thank God more voice was gone). I felt completely overwhelmed. There isn't another word for it.
Last night I was going through pictures of my daughter, as I do from time to time, and although I felt like pulling out my hair, I couldn't help but cry of joy. I love them so much. I love that they drive me insane on a day to day basis. My life would be completely empty without them.
Although the Wordful part of this post is anything but Simplistic, these pictures are simplicity to me. Sweet, precious, innocence of a child blowing bubbles.

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  1. Oh I love the pictures of SweetPea and thanks for sharing them here!! :) Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for linking up to my hop and looking forward to see you again, on next Monday's hop. If you'd like to get e-mail notifications for when the hop is on, please subscribe to it @

    Have a happy Wednesday.

  3. oh my what a precious picture

  4. She is such a sweetheart! Thanks for hosting!

  5. I really like these pics, it is the simple things in life that matter the most.

  6. Visit and follow from Blog Hop.
    Thanks for link up at my blog.
    Have a nice day.

  7. I liked your post and your pictures. I can see why these make you happy. :)

  8. Such a cute little pumpkin.

  9. The wonder of a child never ceases to amaze me. She is definitely precious.

  10. She's so cute.. It must be really fun blowing bubbles.

  11. Oh! what lovely photos thank you for sharing :-)

    Have a funtastical week ;-)

  12. I'm also a nanny that turned into a "soon to be" stay at home mom. Thanks for sharing your story. And you have such cute little ones! Too bad moms can't call into work sometimes!

  13. Oh, what a sweet girl! LOVE those piggy tails!

    Thanks so much for linking up to MY Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Just linked up to yours as well and will add you to my Blog Hop List. :)

  14. I love this. Such a perfect reminder of why we do what we do. Bubbles on a warm day. Awesome. And thanks for your comments earlier, I appreciate them. And I'm linking up now! YAY. Oh and GREAT photos. Beautiful. She IS a sweet pea.

  15. So adorable - thanks so much for sharing at The Friday Baby Shower, Alice x


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