Yummy Things to Make with Yogurt

I have compiled a list of my favorite yogurt recipes from Pinterest. Yogurt make for a light snack or can complement a meal. And yogurt is a great way to boost your metabolism! Please enjoy!

These are all super easy too!

1. Yogurt Dipped Strawberries; recipe found HERE.
"Love frozen fruit, and I adore yogurt. Put the two together, and you get this yummy snack!"

2. Breakfast Popsicles; recipe found HERE
"These breakfast popsicles are really simple to make but still soooo yummy."

3. Frozen Yogurt Dots via OnGoodThing.
"Oh, and they freeze SUPER FAST! So, if you’re in a hurry for your frozen snack…. pop some dots in the freezer and in less than an hour from now you’ll be enjoying your own delicious creamy treat!"

4. Healthy Waffle Cone Ice Cream; image found HERE

5. Lemon Frozen Yogurt via Anja's Food 4 Thought
"...am in love with this. I even prefer it to ice creams, as I love the tangy flavor that the yogurt brings with it, instead of the pure creaminess that cream or milk in regular ice cream has. A truly refreshing and guilt-free simmer dessert."

6. Mango and Yogurt Ice Pops via Wholesome Cook
"Healthier than their ice cream counterparts they are low in fat and have no added sugar. To spice them up a little, I have added some coconut milk and ground cinnamon."

7. Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberry Kabobs via One Good Thing by Jillee
"Warning: making Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Kabobs will result in purple finger syndrome, despite repeated licking of fingers during the kabob making process. Don’t panic. A little “Miracle Cleaner” (baking soda and peroxide) takes it right off. :-)"

8. Strawberry Lassi via Ambrosia Baking
"...something that could be prepared really fast, required no heat, and was refreshing."

Kroger offers the delicious yogurts you and your loved ones crave. For those watching their carb intake, CARBmaster is a yogurt lover’s dream. It’s formulated to be lower in carbs, calories and sugar than regular yogurt — and it still tastes great! With decadent flavors like Black Forest Cake and Cinnamon Roll, CARBmaster cultured dairy blends make for a guilt-free dessert any day.

If you’re looking for a tangier treat, try Kroger Greek or New Greek Lite yogurt. They’re a high source of protein (16g per serving!) with no fat and varieties like Blackberry Yumberry and Lemon Crème. And with the Greek Lite packing just 90 calories, you can afford to sample every delicious flavor.

Although I received free product from BzzAgent and Kroger to provide this post, the heart of this post is all my own.


  1. Thanks for these ideas! I love making yogurt (actually have some milk heating on the stove right now!) and would love more uses for it. Typically I mix with fruit and/muesli or oatmeal.

  2. I love yogurt! I always use mine to mix it with my cereal! I don't like milk so that is my 2nd choice

  3. I love yogurt! Thanks for sharing the ideas

  4. Great links. would love to try the yogurt bites for my daughter.

  5. The frozen yogurt blueberry kabobs look so good I had to click on the link and pin the post. I think the little ones will love them

  6. So many nice ideas - I adore the yogurt dipped strawberries - I'd love to try this asap!

  7. Oooh yum!!! I need to make those yogurt dots!! What a fun way to eat more yogurt and get healthy snacks into our lives!!


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