Happy Birthday to Me! - #WordlessWednesday #24 + #Linky

Today is my Birthday! And in honor of today, I have decided to embarrass myself by sharing pictures of birthday pasts.

Happy third birthday

Awl my Papa. He passed away in 2009, the year before we decided to get pregnant with SweetPea. He was truly amazing and I love that he is helping me blow out the candles.

Happy eighth Birthday

This is my embarrassing one. I insisted on wearing that dress when my dad threw my party. Everyone else was in t-shirts and jeans because there were no formal invitations. Just all the neighborhood kids came by.

happy twenty first birthday

Don't you love my margarita cake? My mother-in-law's friend made this cake for me. Isn't that funny. I have been with Hubby since I was 18, 18! Can you believe that?!
I got married just a few months later. :)

happy 22nd Birthday - Avenue Q

My 22nd birthday. The birthday aft we got married and moved into our house. Hubby took me to see Avenue Q! :D

Happy 24th Birthday

My favorite birthday. Hubby threw me a surprise birthday party! We had started trying to conceive SweetPea that month. And I found out I was pregnant the next month.

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  1. happy birthday!!


  2. Happy birthday!
    Nice photo
    Thank you for hosting

  3. Happy Birthday Diana and the way you described your grandfather is how I describe my own. Miss him terribly, but just so glad to have had so many good memories with him. Hope you have a great day today!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday:))) I love the picture with your Dad:)) I also lost my dad the year before my youngest son was born. I so wished they knew each other. But I believe my Dad helped send my son to me, I was so overcome with grief and then I realized I was unexpectedly pregnant:)) (my daughters were 11 and 13 at the time)
    It helped heal:)

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. aw! happy birthday!


  7. Happy Happy! I love the pictures. =)

  8. Happy Birthday, and thank you for linking up at my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, too! Please come back again next week. :)

  9. Happy Birthday hunny! Lovin' that cake! How cool that he threw you a surprise party AND that you were preggers the next month!!!

    Marine Wife Mommy & Life

  10. Happy Happy Birthday! I loved strolling down your memory lane. Today is my younger sister's birthday as well. Enjoy your day--I hope it is your best birthday yet!

  11. happy birthday!!!!
    I've tried to add your buttons to my blog (http://deezydoesiteezy.blogspot.com/) but they arent allowing me to center them. :-(
    Thanks for hosting! Please stop by Deezy Does It! on fridays and link up. We do it weekly (Friday-Tuesday) with a give-a-way.
    xx xo,

  12. Fun memories! I hope today makes more. :D

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Purple Cabbage Flower in Snow

  13. Hi Diana,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank you for that walk down your memory lane. That's always fun!


  14. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed scrolling down memory lane with you :) I hope you have a great day!

    Lor K


  15. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.

  16. No WW post to link up today... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer

  17. Happy Birthday Dana! I hope you're enjoying your day! :)

  18. wow! Such sweet memories! Happy birthday to you!

  19. Happy Birthday! I too love the margarita cake!!! :)

  20. Happy Birthday! I love the picture of you in your pretty dress, it's very sweet.

  21. Happy Birthday!
    Love your pic from 94. I had the same dress!

  22. It is always great to look back at past pictures and remember fun times. Happy Birthday and I wish you many, many, more Happy Birthdays. Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of your week.

  23. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great day!

  24. So I'm pretty sure I had the exact same dress you have on in your 8-year-old picture when I was that age. If nothing else, it was the same floral print, though the embellishments may have been different. I wore it in my 2nd grade picture.

    Happy birthday!

  25. Happy Birthday, and now I know who Sweet Pea looks like! I'm sure Grandpa is smiling down from heaven too!

  26. Happy Birthday, Diana! Have a fabulous week and Easter weekend!

  27. Nice set of photos amazing how we change isn't it

    Happy Birthday Diana hope you had a great one ;-)

    Have a birthdaytastic weekend.

  28. These were awesome pictures. I wished you happy birthday on another post, but it's totally fitting to throw another one in here, yes? I hope your day was a good one. :)

  29. Happy Birthday to YOU!!
    It's always so fun to look back in time :)

  30. You were such a cute little girl, and you still are! Happy Birthday! Thanks for linking up to Friendship Friday at "Living and Learning With Our New Normal" http://faithfulmomof9.com

  31. Happy Belated Birthday! I am pretty sure I had a similar dress to your party dress...at the very least, it was floral and had a ton of lace ;)

  32. Fab post! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    I've had an e mail about my ad expiring. Wondered if you wanted to carry on swapping? x


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