Weighing In Weekly, Why I still hate shopping...

Since I have lost 30 pounds, my clothes fit differently so I thought I would head down to Khol's and buy some new clothes.

I tried on 5 different tops and 4 pairs of pants. And none of them fit right. I either looked pregnant, or you could see every roll.

The issue with clothes at this point isn't weight, it's extra skin from losing 30 pounds of baby/fluid and 20 pounds of fat. I can not even believe I am admitting this out loud.
(Yes, I said 20 because I gained 10 lbs between my 6 week post-partum and 1 year PP check-ups.)

I lost another lb and a half. I weighed myself Thursday at 3pm and Friday at 8am and I stayed the same, so I definitely lost it. :)

So now I have 18 lbs to go until I can get to a point I'm comfortable at so we can try for baby number two. :D
I do NOT want the blood pressure issues I had with Sweet Pea. My mom had BP issues with me but only due to weight as well, I was the only one she had BP issues with and the only one she was overweight with.

I have been doing the 10k for pink app. But I just started. I have definitely changed my portion sizes and what I eat. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family. The main thing that has helped me thus far, is going to the doctor and getting medicine to help with the thyroid issue I didn't even know I had. How embarrassing is that to reveal?!

But that is my suggestion to everyone who is struggling losing weight. I had changed my eating habits and still the scale wasn't shifting. So go to the doctor and get yourself checked out. :)

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  1. Having a baby sure changes your body. I had such a great pregnancy with my first (currently 14 weeks with my second) and already I feel how different my body is taking it this time. I wish you luck, I think you are doing AMAZING!

  2. I'm trying to steer clear of family history of Type 2 as well. Congrats on your progress so far!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss to date! It's surely motivating to read your updates.


  4. 30 pounds is great!! good luck with baby #2 :)

  5. Congratulations! I hope to be as successful as you! I can't wait to be 18 pounds from my goal.

    April @ 100lbcountdown.com

  6. Good luck with your journey! It is so worth it. I lost weight after my first pregnancy not as much as I wanted but a lot for me. My OBGYN and everyone else has commented how much smaller and how good my weight has been this time around. Keep up the great work!


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