SweetPea's 2nd Birthday - Tangled Themed

SweetPea's Second Birthday was yesterday. Everything went so much smoother and was less overwhelming than last year. I invited only close family and friends. We provided snacks but not a meal, of course the time was at two, which coordinated with her nap wonderfully. It was actually on her birthday too, which I love.

I have to thank Pinterest for this party. I got most all the decoration ideas from there. The cupcake tower, though, I found on Disney.go's website. And it was super easy. And you might remember, I am NOT a cook. And I definitely don't bake! :) But I proudly will say I made the tower and cupcakes all myself.


Tent Effect - The tent effect was created using 2 $1 plastic tablecloths from Dollar General, cutting them in half, and pinning the ends to the ceiling.

The 'flag' banner was created using the Printables found HERE, rubber cementing construction paper to the back, and threading them together with twine.

The balloons were a favorite party decoration. I was unaware that they would make for a great game as well. :)

The Cupcake Tower - 'Our Cake':

The cupcake tower was seriously easy. I was afraid. And only tried to make it the day of. I told my husband that if it didn't work out, he was making a grocery store run for a sheet cake. :)
Here's what you need to make it:
5x5x5 Styrofoam Block
2 wooden skewers
1 white cupcake wrapper (& one brown if you want the added design, I feel it took away from it)
6 Pecan Swirls
1 waffle cone
Candy coatings and purple food coloring
Green icing
Green construction paper
Rubber Cement
Stuff to make cupcakes - I had Betty Crocker's help with this
And here's what you do:
1. Rubber Cement the green construction paper to the styrofoam block. And take the two wooden skewers and stick them in the very tightly together in the top. Make sure you stick them far enough down where they will hold weight but not so far down where they won't hold all the elements of the tower.
2. Place the Pecan Swirls on the skewers. The first top down and then alternating the rest.
3. Place a cupcake in a white wrapper on top.
4. Melt candy coatings according to directions adding drops of the purple food coloring as you go. Thoroughly coat the waffle cone then put a little candy coating on top of the cupcake so when you put the waffle cone on top when they dry they will stick together.
5. Use the green icing to create the green vining around the tower.

And you're done! Easy Peasy, right? Then , if you are better at decorating cup cakes then me, you can make your cupcake look more like flowers. But the concept got across and everyone loved it.


  1. That cupcake tower is ridiculous. So cute.

    Happy Birthday to your little one!


    By the way ~ I got your tweet about your badge. Did you submit the swap ad through Passionfruit? I didn't get anything.

  2. What a cute idea for the theme! And everything looks great! Thanks for linking up with the #MTMmixer :)

  3. Cute ideas! We also tone it down once our daughters get older. We do just drinks and h'orderves. We make sure to always work around nap times. :)

  4. So cute!! I get excited planning parties, too. I'm already planning my kids' party in my mind...and their birth day's not until May! Ha ha!! Great job on the party! Glad you had a great day. :)

    Hi! It's Jilly

  5. The cake looks fabulous! I'm not much into cooking either, but I do love to bake and think that by your easy instructions, I could handle making this cake for my granddaughter's birthday. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Hi there!!! I am Hanna and I found you through the blog hop!! I love making new friends and your blog is lovely. I am your newest follower:) Happy Holidays! You can find me over at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com
    xooxxo Hanna

  7. Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!! I love the cupcake tower idea. I never thought of it before but I think it's wonderful. My niece would LOVE that so much!

    Thank you so much for participating in our Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I am following you, of course!! Wishing you and yours a lovely week!!


    Jean {What Jean Likes}

  8. Everything came out so cute! Doing birthday party themes can be stressful, but when they come out nice and fun, too, afterward it all was worth it!


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