15 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

15 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

It's Sweet Pea's Birthday week here at our house and the countdown begins to my baby turning TWO!

And in the spirit of birthdays and the up coming Holidays, I have been doing a ton of research on good gifts to give toddlers. Plus, I had multiple people ask me what to get her.
So here are the 15 Top Gift Ideas for Toddlers that I have Found:

Help With Small Motor Skills:

1. Puzzles
Love these Hand Crafted Chunky Puzzles by Melissa & Doug.

2. Blocks

3. Coloring Books and Crayons

Coloring Books and Crayons - Toddler Gift Idea

Speech Encouraging Products:

4. "Leap Frog: Phonics Farm"
This movie has helped my daughter tremendously! She can now recognize letters and I give a great deal of credit to this movie.

5. Flash Cards

6-7. Apptivities and Apps
There are tons of free apps but having a variety and mixing it up would pretty awesome as well. Get your niece or nephew (*wink*wink* Bubba) the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity iPhone Case or the iPad one Plus a $10 iTunes Gift Card. All in one gift and the parents will be grateful because you saved their electronics from dangerous little hands.
Or if you don't want to hand over your mobile device or tablet, get them their own!

Leap Frog iPad Case - Toddler Gift Idea

Imaginative Play:

8. Bubbles

9. Clothes, yes as toys.
Encourages creative play! Sweet Pea loves shoes and hats! And any accessories. :)

Creative Play - Toddler Gift Ideas

10. Plushies, Baby Dolls, and the like.
Pretty obvious how this applies to imaginative play! ;)
No doubt you know why I'm partial to these Dreamy Sounds Soothie plushies from Disney Baby. Great for little babies and your toddler baby too.

Large Motor Skills:

11. Balls!
My daughter has a slight obsession with balls. It was one of the first words she said very well and whenever she sees still to this day, it's "Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball". :)

Balls of all sizes - Toddler Gift Ideas

12. Tricycle
We got Sweet Pea the Little Tikes 3-in-1 Trike because it can grow with her and adjust to her skill level.

13. JumpStart Trampoline
At this age, Toddlers don't really jump. They just don't have the balance for it. But this can help them with that! It can teach them to jump by helping them gradually gain their balance, plus it provides safer bouncing for all.

Overall just awesome fun!:

14. Kid Friendly Music CDs.
Learning to read music is like reading another language. Click HERE to read 12 Benefits of Music Education.
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15. A Zoo or Aquarium Membership!
Our zoo membership was the Best Purchase of the year for us! And if I hadn't gotten into a car accident and had transportation for the second half of the year, it would have been better. But with Toddlers, an all day out at parks isn't an option. They still need their down time, but with a membership you can whenever you want, when it fits around your schedule, plus you aren't pressured to see everything in one day.

Zoo, Museum, Aquarium Memberships - Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Did you find this list helpful? What are you planning on buying your toddler or a toddler close to your heart?

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  1. That's a great list of gifts. As a mother to five aged between 18 months and 14 years, I think I have done these over and over again. I would only add trains & tracks to that list - the wooden kind like thomas the tank. I still have the ones my now 14 year old played and now my little ones play with them. Learning to put the tracks together and fitting them into shapes is lots of fun. Newest gfc follwer via the blog hop

  2. My nephew's first word was 'ball.' He's 3 now and STILL loves to play w/a ball.

    Your little one's a cutie. :)

    Visiting today from Monday Mingle.

  3. Love the list, we have theme park memberships and it so good just to go for a couple of hours and head home for naps. Found you though the GFC Hop and am now following you.

  4. You've hit so many of our favorites spot-on! Bubbles and balls are the best around here :) Visiting from the Monday Mom Musings.

  5. Excellent choices in gifts for toddlers. I am a firm believer in educational toys. Many of the toys on the market today make learning fun for children. While I do frown on coloring books per say because I feel that they limit a child's imagination, I do appreciate the learning benefits as they aid in a child's recognition of a particular animal, etc. Thank you for the review.

  6. Great gift list! I love that these gifts also inspire the kids to think and discover! Thank you for the suggestions!

  7. Thanks for linking up. This is a great post.

  8. Great list! I am visiting from the Naptime Review blog hop, and I am your newest follower!

  9. I found your blog through the blog hop!

    I'm your newest follower!


  10. Bubbles and balls are always my favorites =) Mine are no longer toddlers, but they still love bubbles and balls!

    Thanks for linking up with the Build Your List & Watch it Grow linky - I'm all signed up :)

  11. We have one of the jumpstart trampolines and we love it!! Great addition to a home.

  12. Fantastic list! I want the iPad case as my little one loves my iPad but I am so afraid she is going to break it.

    Thanks for linking up to Raising Imperfection each week!

  13. You've got quite a list there. I know all about toddler toys! I love posts like these since it keeps me aware of what parents want so I can have the more unique, educational items available on www.reaganstoychest.com

    Thanks for linking your favorite post to Raising Imperfection.
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  14. Giant balls are a great idea :)

  15. What a cute blog, I saw you at the blog hop and saw the (follows back)
    So I came to see your blog, I've got ideas for my grandchildren for Christmas, so thank you! I am your newest follower (follow back) (-:
    Wanda Ann @ memoriesbythemile.com

  16. Some great gift ideas there!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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