Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box Review

As part of being an Influenster, I received this awesome Vox Box with many great beauty products to test out and try. Now I am NOT a Beauty Blogger but I do buy a lot of beauty products so I guess that's what got me qualified?

Anyways here is what I got as part of the Vox Box:

Kiss Ever Pro Eyelashes
I loved the fullness but I am actually more of a natural makeup kind of girl. So I would only wear these on very special occasions. I didn't care for the little applicator tool but I did like the glue that came with it because it had an applicator type stick thing with it. Kind of like white out.
Tips: make sure your glue drys a little and gets tacky before applying and move the lashes in a bending type motion so the lashes become are more workable.
Video Review.

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Goody SimplyStyles Spin Pin
I LOVED THESE! Awesome! I have a toddler and they make my life super easy by providing a variety of hairstyles were little fingers won't pull my very long hair. I also love that they come in different colors, so you can get the ones that match your hair color!
Tip: Don't cross the streams!
Video Tutorial: Easy Stylish Up-Dos - HERE

Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream
I am not use to product in my hair so it Different. I am use to running my fingers through my hair and even with a brush it was a bit difficult. i do suggest using conditioner with this product. It did control my frizz and made my hair shiny and smell wonderful. So I give it four out of five stars! :)
Tips: Make sure you use conditioner.
Video Review.

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EBOOST Daily Health Booster - Orange
My husband LOVES these types of 'health boosters', he says they really work and that he can tell they make him better. I have always been skeptical of products like this. I just don't think their is some magic pill or powder or drink that is going to make you magically feel better. BUT what was so surprising is that I actually did feel better when taking this. No it wasn't immediate but it did have a dramatic effect on how I felt overall. It didn't taste great though. I had to hold my nose and chug. So it lost a little in ratings for that.
Tips: use a SMALL amount of water, chug, and then drink the recommended amount of water.
Video Review.

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Bath & Body Works Mini Candle - Cider Lane
I wish I could send you a smell-o-gram. I can not stop smelling this candle. My house smells like fall. And what makes the mini candle even better is that it seriously can fit any where! I have always loved Bath & Body Works lotions, fragrances, and hand soaps but I have never bought candles from them. I didn't even know they sold candles! But I am a BIG fn and they have my continued business. Keep 'me coming, B&BW! :) (Review in first video, as well.)
Tip: When you blow out the candle, linger just a bit to continue smelling the yumminess.
Video Review.

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NYC New York Colors IndividualEyes
I was scared of the dark eye shadow to be honest. I am a natural makeup type of girl. I liked that it came with a tutorial. I seriously needed it. I had no idea how to create a shadow eye look. But I LOVE the way it turned out. I felt so pretty. I didn't however like the little spongy thing that came with it, I only used that for the base. I did like that the makeup transferred very easily and you didn't have to rub too much to get it to get on your brush.
Tip: Buy your own brushes to apply.
Video Review.

I was excited to get picked to review this Vox box. Although I'm not really a Beauty Blogger, I care about make-up and fashion. I also love trying new products and sharing my opinions with my readers. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are interested in joining Influenster, just send me an email!

What product(s) from the Beauty Blogger Vox Box are you interested in trying?

****Disclosure: Although I did receive FREE products to do this review, all opinions are my own.****

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