Housewife Bootcamp

I have really been letting the housework slide lately. I did scrub the kitchen from top to bottom (except for the floors) earlier this week. I always need to clean up toys, do laundry, and clear off the kitchen table. There's yard work that always need to be done.

I use to do a post called Housewife Bootcamp but the blogger I got the idea from, no longer blogs and I can't get in touch with. But I want to continue this. I think every week I should include Housewife things that will improve my house, myself, and my sanity, as I think I'm going to go crazy with all this clutter everywhere.

This week's To Do:
1. Laundry.
If I don't put it on here, it won't get done. Plus my daughter decided to take off her diaper this morning and got poop everywhere. It was awesome waking up to the horrendous smell of feces. So I'm still backed up from that, no pun intended.

2. Cook at least three home cooked meals, one none boxed.
I am a Stouffer's lasagna, Hamburger Helper kind of chef. I get it cheap after coupons and I'm tired after watching two almost two-years-olds all day. I have a crock pot and a George Forman. Real home cooked meals can be done. I actually did this already this week! (I made this post last Sunday but never posted it.)

3. Clean off the table and keep it clear all week.
Bills, bills, bills. I clutter the table with mail mostly. My goal in order to accomplish this task is to find a good place to keep my mail. Starting FREEbie Friday's haul isn't going to help. I need to work on organization.

4. Make up the beds everyday.
I am terrible at making up the beds but I love crawling into a made up bed. Do I make up the bed before I crawl in? No. We have to shuffle the covers around though. And that's obnoxious when you are tired at the end of the day.

5. Put on make-up everyday.
I want to look nice not only for myself but for my hubby. I may not be going anywhere but I think he would enjoy it. I am also going to start vlogging more and I want to look nice for y'all. :)

So what are some things you are going to start improving this week? Working out more? Dusting? Trying a fancy Pinterest worthy recipe? Planning more activities for the kiddos? Could be anything! If people want to start making their own posts like this, then I will make a linky. What do you think? Let me know!


  1. It's so easy to fall behind, isn't it? You're being very good w/the list and 'saying' it out loud though. I need to make a list for my homework goals. I'm getting waaaaaaaaaaaay behind.

    Happy rest of the weekend. I'm visiting from the hop.

  2. You're one busy mama! No doubt about it!

    Just before my little guy turned 2, I took his diaper off, and let him roam freely. There were a few accidents, but he was completely potty trained in about a week. I still put diapers on at bed time but said goodbye to them as few months later. Best decision ever!

    My kitchen table used to be the same lol Then it was my bed. Now, I like to throw things out or give them away - less is always more.

    I used to wear makep everyday but when it bothered me too much when I was working out. I only wear makeup now when I want to look extra nice for something.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following back! Looks like your blog could really be useful for me bc, as a tomboy, I have NO housewife sense at all! I could learn a lot here! :)

  4. Sounds like we have similar culinary skills. Hamburger helper is one of my specialties!

    I'm on my last of three diapered babies and have yet to have the dreaded "poop smeared all over bed incident" I've heard many stories and I myself did this as a baby, but so far I've been lucky.

    I probably just jinxed myself.

    Have a good Monday!!

  5. Oh wow...that is a list! And I can relate on the floors. I love doing houswork ~ HATE doing floors!!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Raising Imperfection!


  6. Stopping by from the MMM link-up and can I just borrow your list? I need to work on all of these things too! So often if just feel like it is never-ending, I know. Hope you have a good week and go tackle those goals!

  7. Keeping table (and any horizontal surface) uncluttered is a huge feat in my house. My husband loves to stash things everywhere. I suppose keeping all those spaces clean should be my priority this week. Thanks for linking up with me for {MMM} this week. Hope your series keeps you motivated!


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