$10 Credit from thredUp means FREE kids clothes!

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ThredUp has totally changed the way it accepts clothes and the way you buy clothes. You no longer get a random box of clothes that you hope is what the person described it as and it is in good quality. NOW you can send in a bag if you wish (you pay $4.95 but once they get your bag of clothes you get that back). Your bag includes a HUGE bag to put gently used, name brand clothes into and a shipping label that is paid for. You are no longer required to send in clothes in order to buy clothes. If you are just trying to get rid of clothes and not care how much you get for them, then I suggest this type of service for you.

Some Brands Include:
- Carter's
- Babies-R-Us
- Old Navy
- Children's Place
- Gymboree
- Baby Gap & Gap Kids
- Osh Kosh B'Gosh
And Many Others!

They will pay you for every piece of clothing depending on quality and brand.
They have a place on their site that provides a reference
so you know how much you might receive and what brands they accept.

Right now they are doing a promo where when you sign up right HERE,
you receive a $10 credit that can apply towards shipping

These are two deals I have scored so far.

The first is from when I first signed up and used a 20% off code:

NWT means New With Tags
So yes that shirt had TAGS on it and BRAND NEW!

This is the second order I did
after someone signed up through my affiliate link
they placed an order so I received $10
(you will be able to do this too):

1. Sign up HERE to receive your $10 credit

2. Pick your items you want to buy. They have TONS of options and everything is in season.


Let me know what kind of deals you score!

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  1. WHAT a GREAT deal!!! I'm in awe over what you were able to get for basically pennies!!!


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