Walmart 11/28/11

This was the last shopping trip I was making for my daughter's party until my daughter's party (hopefully). lol Anyways, I was hoping that I could get four of the Tide trial size for $0.97 and use the $2 off but they wouldn't accept them. They said it was because of the overage (which we know is not true), the real reason I learned is that the coupon is distributed by P&G (Proctor and Gamble) and the trial size is not...(read more). So I didn't do as well as I was hoping but I did get some good freebies and everything I wanted for my daughter's party.

2 Johnson's travel first aid kits $0.97 - used $1 off any Johnson's product or neosporin
4 Earthbound Organic Carrots (suppose to be $0.88 but rang up) $0.98 - used 2 $2/2 from Recyclebank
Plates, cutlery, and napkins $0.97 each
Hormel snack tray $5.87 - used $3 off
and got a new angel for our tree because our other one was looking rough. And it was about $15.

Pretty good haul. Spent about $20. I'll post the receipt in a bit. I would have done better if they would have let me use the overage but I understand why just wish they had the real reason. I was so upset about this on Monday. Anyways. That's it! :D

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