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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Nerd In Training

We took Sweet Pea to her first Dragon*Con. Dragon*Con is a yearly sic-fi convention we attend every year.

One of my dear friends from when I was on the Atlanta Rocky Horror cast, Lips Down On Dixie, sent Sweet Pea this onesie and I adore it. Lips Down on Dixie performs at Dragon*Con every year.

This was taken the next day. SweetPea went as Aurora or Sleeping Beauty as you none Disnerds might call her. :) Hubby is yellow because he went as Homer from The Simpsons the night before.


  1. So cute, love the little Aurora dress!

  2. She makes a really cute Aurora. I love Disney.

  3. So very fun! I've heard that it's such a fun time..and I know people go just to check out the parades!


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