Don't Blink

My little girl will be 8 months on August 9th. EIGHT MONTHS OLD! Where has this year gone. It feels like yesterday I was pregnant with her

and now she is full on crawling, saying "Ma-ma" (no kidding - except it's more "Ma-ma-ma-ma" but it IS directed towards me :]), she pulls herself up and 'cruises', she eats finger foods, and NOW we have a tooth! And this all started happening in the past month!

She isn't my tiny newborn anymore.

She has an attitude all her own and gets in to everything. I'm so grateful that I get to stay home with her and I don't have to miss a minute.

I wish I could just make it all slow down. I'm trying to adsorb everything, soak it all in so I can remember it but it seems it's all moving too fast. Once I try and take a moment to reminisce, she's already doing something else. I have to write it all down and take LOTS of pictures. I'm sure my Facebook friends get annoyed with all my picture taking. I'm just scared to miss a thing.

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