Nanny to Mommy: Stone Mountain for My Bday

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stone Mountain for My Bday

Thanks, Momma!

Lizzie and I spent the night with my mom the night before.
We went to Target beforehand to get some snacks and stuff where I bought this cheapo carrier that sucked...or maybe I'm just bad at babywearing...
It was hard to find a spot I felt comfortable nursing. :C
I was going to feed her in the 4D theater, BUT it scared her and she was inconsolable.
My niece and nephews did the rock climb, but I had to let Caleb borrow my shoes. So my mom basically bought me an upgraded pass so I could watch the laser show. :/
I seriously felt really bad about that, but she said it was okay as long as I had a good birthday gift.
Which I did.
Still had a good time. And I finally got a good nursing session in right before the fireworks, which she just slept right through!
Fun times!

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