Happy 4 Months, Sweet Pea!

Happy Saturday, everyone!
So I have been using our Wii Fit for my exercise. (I also have been walking and of course doing house cleaning and taking care of the baby which regardless of what any website says, I have a flight of stairs to run up and down so it counts!)
Anyways, today my baby girl turned four months old.

So we decided to create a Mii (the people used for each player in the games) so we could weigh her each month. It's a little off because I couldn't put her exact birthday or her height but none the less I created one. (She weighs 12.2 pounds BTW! :] )
I made my husband weigh himself and see what his Wii Fit age is. He hadn't used the Wii Fit in almost two years! (And wants me to get Zumba. I refuse to bring another exercise program into this house that isn't used - we already have P90X.)
Anyways we took this picture once we made Sweet Pea's Mii.

My DH is asleep because he's so lazy and I'm looking at him annoyed! HA!

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  1. What a cutie!!!! and so tiny.... my baby could take your baby.... just kidding :)

    I most certainly think stairs, house cleaning and baby duty counts as exercise!!! I am doing good to get 3-4 miles in at the gym 3 nights a week. I am not a runner, but walk pretty fast. I am finally starting to see some results, but I also know it's hard for me to shed those last 5 lbs while still breastfeeding.

    You're doing great!

    Cheers :)


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