A year has gone by....

At midnight tonight (actually I think I was born at like 9 in the morning or something lol) I will be 25 years old! Quarter of a century old. Yuck...

Last year we had just started trying to have a baby, my husband gave me the best birthday party ever.

This year we have a three month old and we're going to a one year old's b-day party tomorrow. :)

Last year we were hanging out with friends every weekend and partying and drinking.

This year I drink TONS of water so I can feed my baby.

Last year I had no bed time and I would stay up late.

This year my LO goes to bed around 8:30 and if we stay up late it's because we have a grumpy, crying baby on our hands.

Life has changed so much in a year. It's so crazy to think that I had a BABY! That still blows my mind. I wonder when it won't feel so surreal anymore...

Lizzie turned 15 weeks old on Thursday.


I weighed her on the Wii and she weighs 11.8 pounds. She's my little munchkin. She's able to do everything she's suppose to so she's thriving and I couldn't be more thrilled. :)

Happy birthday to me tomorrow! Goodnight!


  1. Found you through the Mom Blogs! You're daughter is so beautiful! Congrats!


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