Ears Pierced

Since I have a little girl this has been a hot topic of discussion lately in my personal life and online.

I have decided we will wait until she tells us she wants it done. My mom did with me and in my opinion that's what's best. She is my daughter and that is how I see it.

See here's the thing I cried when she got her shots and those were things she needed. I couldn't imagine putting pointless holes into my daughter that will leave scars on her just because 'they look cute'. If she decides she wants her ears pierced than we will get them done for her. I want to be able to explain to her what is going on. People like to say the issue is pain. I got mine done at five and I can't remember the pain. I got my second holes done at 13 and I can't remember the pain. Just because a doctor's office will do it doesn't mean it is necessarily a good thing. Plus, when she is older I can teach her how to take care of them herself and I don't have to worry about one more thing as a new mom.

My husband and I agree on this issue. We have before she was born.

Another issue people point out is comparing it to circumcision. Yes, if we had/have a little boy we would get him circumcised. The reason we would do this is because his father is and we wouldn't want him to feel awkward. To me there is no comparison. They are two totally different things. And we are not saying we would NEVER get her ears pierced. We just don't want to until she's old enough to accept the responsibility herself since it is not a necessary thing. But we will only get them done if SHE CHOOSES to. It's her body, her ears, her decision.

Now I do not judge others who do it. I actually do think it looks cute. I just don't feel like it's my decision to make.

So Momma's with little girls (or soon-to-bes) what are you going to do? What's your view on the issue?


  1. I hate seeing babies with pierced ears. It looks so unnatural. At age 6, maybe,at the earliest for my daughter.

    We also had our boys circumcised. We discussed it and my husband was pretty adamant that we do it. I was on the fence, so he made the call.My grandfather was circumcised as as adult by choice and from what I have been told, it was very painful.

    Anyway, I don't judge others for their choices, but I am on the same page as you with these two topics.

  2. Checking in.... Happy Early Birthday and yes, I do EBF (none of my kids have ever been interested in the bottle and I am too lazy to pump, wash bottles, etc, too, we couldn't afford to buy formula....)and I just did the weigh myself on the scale and then weigh me and Audrey and it looks like my little chunk is 15 lbs. Holy Cow!I think I've been in denial... no wonder she needs size 3 diapers.


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