2 Month Check In

These pictures were taken on 2/9/2011:
2 Month Old Lizzie
2 Month Old Lizzie

Her newest accomplishments are (maybe I should say so far):
1- Holding her head up:

Lizzie can hold her head up!

2- Smiling:

Lizzie Smiling

3- Rolling over. She hasn't officially rolled over but the other day she was crying while I was in the bathroom and when I came out she had rolled over in her swing. So needless to stay we have to make sure we strap her in everywhere.

4- Sleeping through the night in her bassinet. She sleeps for two five hour stretches which makes me one happy momma! :)

Valentine's Day was this month and here she is all dressed up (Isn't she cute? :]):

Valentine's Day

Her 2 month check up was today (we are still behind from the ice storm). But we will be caught up by the next one. I got there early because I thought then maybe we could go back early, which we did. While we were waiting in the lobby, I had to feed her and these people sitting across from us were giving us dirty looks. I wanted to smack them. I'm feeding my baby. This is a very natural thing. Get over it. If it makes you fee uncomfortable move. There are two doctors in the practice and we saw the one we usually haven't been seeing. I didn't really care for him. She weighed 10.4 pounds (40%), 22 inches long (%25), and her head measured 40cm (%75). So she is a short, average weight baby with a big head. :) He said her spitting up wasn't reflux and he talked about the possibility of giving her food at four months....I don't know what to think about that. Well once the doctor left we waited for EVER! I poked my head out and then a nurse asked what we were waiting for, shots or to see the doctor. Then she apologized for the wait and came in. Baby girl had fallen asleep:

They had to wake her up so she could get an oral shot. And they had to give her FOUR SHOTS, two in each thigh. :C Poor baby girl cried like I have never heard. it broke my heart but I didn't cry this time! :) Which helped her get over it faster.

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That's it for the monthly update! :D

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