8 months ♥ 32 weeks

So here's how the baby is doing:

So I have a week until my baby showers!! I'm SOOOOO excited!

Monday was a sad day. We went to Bobby Cox last game. It was a great game though. Greg was so worried about me as we were leaving because my feet were so swollen and I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Wednesday we went to trivia! :)

Thursday I took the kids to the park and they played with kites! Poor Phoebe was too little...but she looked super cute in her apple pants. :) Phillip was very good at it.

Friday I took the kids to the zoo! It was so much fun! We couldn't have planned a better day to go and everything we did just kind of happened. The kids got their picture taken with Scooby Doo, we got to see a demo of gorilla training, and the weather was so nice! And Phoebe got to ride her choo-choo! :)

Greg and I took some of our friends to see Rocky Horror as our yearly treat for Halloween. Can't wait until The Rocky Horror GLEE episode! ♥

So I had a great week. I go to the doctor on Tuesday so I'm going to talk to her about the swelling and contractions. And tomorrow is the hospital tour. :)

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