Nanny to Mommy: 27 weeks ♥ 3rd Trimester, Here We COME!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

27 weeks ♥ 3rd Trimester, Here We COME!

Lizzie is now about the size of a cauliflower! :]

And here's how she's growing! (so fast I can't believe it!)

Everything is going GREAT with the pregnancy. I can't wear my rings anymore, which stinks. And I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday, which makes me cry ALOT. I also have indigestion when I eat certain foods and I'm hungrey ALL the time. I've been sleeping pretty good since I've been sleeping on the couch. But all that is ok because I'm growing a healthy baby girl and my husband still thinks I'm beautiful. :]

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  1. Lizzie thinks you're beautiful too. :o)


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