To Do List week 1 & 21 weeks along

So the idea is to cross off something from list each week until the baby comes. I'm sure I'll add things to the list as time goes on but for this week I'm going to try and get a contract on the house for an exterminator. I'll let ya know if I get that done.

As of yesterday I am 21 weeks along. If you know anything about pregnancy they say you are pregnant for 9 months but they also say you are pregnant for 40 weeks, and that's more like 10 months. So that's why I (and most others) count by weeks.

How far along? 21 weeks and 1 day (as of today)

Total weight gain: about 10 pounds which they say is normal at this time in my pregnancy but I'm going to try and keep it as low as possible since I was over weight before.

Sleep: I've been having so much trouble sleeping in my bed that I've been sleeping on the couch alot.

Best moment this week: Finding out our little girl is developing PERFECTLY!

Movement: She is moving NON stop! I love knowing she is in there. Greg hasn't felt her yet but I'm not sure other people can yet.

Gender: ALL GIRL!! :]

Belly Button in or out? It's still in.

Milestones: Sleeping comfortably in my own bed would be nice....

Favorite Moments: Greg kisses me goodbye and baby Lizzie everyday. :]

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