London Must-See Attractions and Local Secrets Every Traveler Should Know

London, a city old as time with ruins standing, is an ode to the times long gone. From the Romans to the Normans and later the aristocracy, it’s been the epicenter of the world for centuries. During the reign of the British Empire, it stood as a cultural hub side by side with prominent European capitals such as Paris and Vienna. The place where Shakespeare built his famous theater, the place where you still find centuries-old structures. A tourist attraction like no other, yet many come to this wonderful city and feel lost and confused. Where to go? What to see? In the text below, we’ll guide you through some must-see attractions this city has to offer.

London Must-See Attractions and Local Secrets Every Traveler Should Know

The Iconic Big Ben

Watcher of the city, a tower high up in the sky looking over the beautiful river Themes. The Big Ben is a cultural icon, a postcard staple, and one of the most recognizable symbols of London. It’s been standing and showing time since the Victorian era. A marvelous structure built when the British Empire was known for its world trade, colonies, and industrial superiority. It’s a reminder to show you how time flies and how we should cherish the things we have now.

Side by side stands the Westminster Abbey, a testament to the city's long history. The church has seen its fair share of kings and queens, witnessed the first coronation of the great Norman kings in the late 11th century, and has been in the service of the people of London since then. The magnificent church will leave you breathless while you’re entering the thick air filled with the dreams, memories, and wishes of the millions who passed through its doors. It still holds the tombs of the great people of the past, a reminder of how death is catching us no matter how long we live. You’ll be filled with a sense of deep admiration, and you’ll feel your ancestor's breath on your neck.

The Tower of London

Wrapped in mystery, the Tower of London is one of the few places where the mighty have fallen and where the noble have seen how mortal they are. It gives you a glimpse into the city's medieval past, it holds the Crown Jewels as a testament to the country's riches; and it’s a place shrouded in execution, betrayal, and murder. While walking its corridors and steep stairs, you’ll be wondering about the tales they could tell you and the stories they’d share.

The Bustling Borough Market

After a long day of touring the city, your legs are sore, your feet are killing you and you need something to eat and take a break. Thankfully, if London is famous for anything, it's the culinary scene and the rich choice of foods to pick from. You’re in for a real treat, and your taste buds will be thankful and grateful they’ve had the chance to taste this mixture of cultural staples. Some prominent restaurants are a standing ovation to London’s immigrants and the many people from different countries fleeing their countries looking for a better life. The Borough Market, located in Southwark, offers a wide array of fresh produce, artisanal foods, and international delicacies. Places such as a Restaurant Southbank area and others offer you a wide range of different menus to choose from. From traditional Polish meals and delights to Indian and Serbian food. It simply has everything you need once you’re tired of all the walking and need to recharge your batteries with some delicacies.

The Creative Heart of the City

Have you ever heard of the artistic heave of Shoreditch, an eclectic mix of street art, vintage shops, and trendy bars? You’ll have a chance to see the amazing brick murals, the many galleries, and the chance to truly see what London is all about. Art is a testament to human greatness and the immortality of the soul, and the city hosted many misfits throughout the years, making it possible for artists to roam free with creativity and ideas. If you’re looking for a nice place to shop, Boxpark is the right pop-up mall for this purpose, and you’ll find a lot of different stores to choose from and buy plenty of souvenirs to remember the city.

London Must-See Attractions and Local Secrets Every Traveler Should Know

Last but not least, the city has to offer other places, and listing them all would take a lot of time and far more paper. The Hamstead Heat and the Kyoto Gardens are two prominent tourist attractions, each with different stories but the same purpose, to mesmerize and make you remember.

We gave you a few suggestions, the rest is up to you. You’ll find it hard to resist its nightlife and plenty of bars, its great lager and beer, its iconic fish and chips, and more. Enjoy.

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