Best Formula for Newborns

Newborns are sensitive to everything, including their meals. Breast milk is the best source of nutrients, created especially for infants. However, not all mothers can breastfeed. In this case, baby formulas come to their rescue. Today, it’s easy to choose the best baby formula thanks to the available variety. However, organic baby formulas are promised to be better for sensitive tummies. Their ingredients are also natural and healthier.

Best Formula for Newborns

Why to Choose European Brands

European brands create their formulas based on the specific needs of newborns and toddlers. That’s why one can find stages 1-3 on the shelves or online. Their meaning is the following:
- 1 or Pre for newborns
- 2 for babies over 6 months
- 3 for babies over 10-12 months

Some brands make formulas for 2-year-old babies who poorly tolerate adult food. Another advantage of European brands is their decision to make more organic baby formulas. They have the following benefits:
- no sugar, GMO, hormones, nitrates, artificial colorants, or taste enhancers
- no chemicals used to raise animals, grass for their feeding, and soil for plant growing
- correspondence to strict EFSA requirements for organic products
- constant supervision and control of the quality of all ingredients
- all organic farms are regularly checked by responsible food control safety organizations

Infant formulas can be made of goat or cow milk that manifest the following differences:

Best Formula for Newborns

Let’s discuss the best stage 1 baby formulas from both categories.

The Best Stages Pre and 1 Formulas Made of Cow Milk

Baby formulas based on cow milk are traditional in the baby food market. Most farms raise cows and milk them to make dairy products. Cow milk is rich in macronutrients and micronutrients. Most European brands partially or completely hydrolyze milk proteins to make their baby formulas easier for the vulnerable digestive system of a newborn.

Cow milk is choice #1 among consumers and is easier to find in the market. That’s why cow- baby formulas are also cheaper compared to goat milk formulas.

The most popular cow infant formulas are:
● Holle Cow Formula Pre and Stage 1
● HiPP Comfort and HA
● Kendamil Stage 1 Organic
● Löwenzahn Stage 1
● Lebenswert Stage 1

Speaking about the most popular brands, HiPP is often choice #1 among caregivers. It produces a variety of baby formulas to let babies find the best replicate of breast milk. Its formulas perfectly fit newborns with sensitive tummies. HiPP HA and HiPP Comfort are considered the best products of the brand. Comfort formula suits babies with colitis, reflux, constipation, and indigestion. HA formulas let babies tolerate the formula without negative effects.

Cow milk is a popular product as it is easy to turn into other products, such as cream, cheese, sour cream, sour milk, etc. Cow milk powder is easy to find, and many parents use it to make homemade baby formula. No wonder cow milk-based formulas are more affordable.

The Best Stages Pre and 1 Baby Formulas Made of Goat Milk

Only several farms raise goats. Goat milk has a specific smell, and not everyone knows the technology for goat breeding. If farmers care for the animals correctly, they will get supreme milk full of all the necessary minerals, fats, vitamins, carbs, and proteins. Besides, it can become a perfect substitute for babies allergic to cow milk proteins.

However, farmers require more human force to breed these animals. Due to that, goat milk is harder to get, and it costs a bit more than its cow alternative.

This is the list of the most popular goat milk formulas for newborns.
● HiPP Goat Formula
● Holle Goat Formula Stage 1
● Jovie Goat Milk Stage 1
● NannyCare Stage 1

NannyCare became famous thanks to its, at first, risky decision to use goat milk instead of cow milk for baby formulas. What’s more, the brand doesn’t skim milk to preserve its creamy taste and provide newborns with all the required nutrients. The company has studied and researched its raw materials for many years. It found out that it’s less allergic and is easier to digest for infants. This discovery helped the company create the best formula.

In several years, other baby food brands began to use goat milk for their formulas and succeeded. Organic baby formulas made of goat milk are beneficial for kids. Nevertheless, one can find them only in the European baby formula market. Other countries use only vegan and cow milk to make their formulas.

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