Unlock Your Athleticism Mobility and Recover from Injury With Physical Therapy

As an athlete, you likely look for any way to improve your performance, but have you considered physical therapy? Not only does physical therapy benefit your fitness, but it can improve your athleticism. As you search for "physical therapy near me" consider the ways you can benefit.

Unlock Your Athleticism Mobility and Recover from Injury With Physical Therapy

Boosting Mobility and Flexibility

Your flexibility is a key component of your athleticism. In fact, a lack of or restricted flexibility can actually cause injuries. The stretching techniques you will learn during your physical therapy can improve your body’s flexibility. You will experience a greater range of motion and increased mobility as a result of your expanded flexibility.

In addition, you will learn more about your body and how it should move. Your therapist may also work with you on joint mobilization and massage to improve the blood flow to your soft tissues and joints, helping them move more efficiently and freely.

Enhancing Balance and Coordination

Because you will learn how to recognize your body’s movements, orientation and space, you will increase your balance and coordination. You can also improve your posture, which makes your movements more coordinated. When you have proper balance and coordination, you can move more purposefully and fluidly.

Strengthen Your Core Muscle Groups

Physical therapy Redmond offers specific programs that focus on strengthening your major muscles. When your core muscle groups gain strength, they protect your body, especially your soft tissues and joints. If you have weakness in any specific area, your therapist can build a program to strengthen these muscles.

Preventing Injuries

A major benefit of physical therapy is that the techniques build your strength, specifically targeting areas of weakness. As your strength increases, your body is better able to prevent injuries. These muscles support your bones, joints, ligaments and other soft tissues.

If you do become injured, your tissues can recover quicker with a stronger muscular foundation. Your therapist can help you target specific areas, muscles and soft tissues to improve your recovery time and strength.

Improving Endurance

Endurance helps you work out or play for longer periods of time without tiring. It also improves your ability to recover quickly from athletic activities. Your muscles won’t become as fatigued even during intense workouts or games. Your therapist may include stretching and strength- building programs that target the muscles you use most often in your athletic activities. You may also undergo regenerative techniques, and your therapist will teach you breathing techniques that help you get through rigorous workouts and athletic activities.

Managing Pain and Shortening Recovery

When an injury occurs or if you overwork your body, you can experience pain and weakness. Physical therapy helps you focus on these areas. Your therapist will use techniques to improve your blood flow to the injured area, so you heal quicker and more thoroughly. You may experience manual therapy, soft tissue massage, cold and heat therapies, electronic stimulation and ultrasound therapies to help you shorten your recovery time while strengthening the surrounding muscles.

You can experience optimal athletic performance and hit your physical goals through therapies offered by physical therapy Redmond Oregon. Find the clinic that provides a customized program that will work for you.

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