How Moving into a Retirement Village Can Benefit the Whole Family

Leaving the comfort of the family home can be a daunting ordeal. The familiarity of your bedroom, the sweet voices of your grandchildren, and the convenience of daily meals and housekeeping are precious privileges that many elderly folks hold near and dear to their hearts.

That said, it’s not unheard of for family members to seek out other living arrangements for their household’s eldest guests. There are many reasons for this, and it's important to recognise that this move is not a jab at your unwelcome presence.

How Moving into a Retirement Village Can Benefit the Whole Family

Some families have to move out of state, for instance. Some may have to downsize to fight against inflationary measures.

Whatever the reason, making the decision to move may seem painful, but it’s often a great move in the long run. This is not just for the elderly person’s sake, but also for the freedom and peace of mind of the children and grandchildren.

Want to know these benefits in more detail? Here are six reasons why moving into a retirement village can benefit the elderly individual and the entire family.

Seniors Get Special Care

Living in a retirement village is a fantastic way to stay active on all fronts, whether it’s socially, physically, or mentally. This can make you more independent and mobile, which is a great way to stay satisfied in your older years.

Retirement villages are also equipped with various amenities that support daily living for seniors, such as exercise equipment and wheelchairs. There are also nurses who can assist you on-call for more strenuous or complex matters.

You don’t have to rely on your family members to take care of you anymore, which can be a very liberating prospect for seniors, while also alleviating some stress on their families.

You Get to Be Socially Active

Being stuck at home can be detrimental to your social health. Your family likely has their own schedule and routine to stick with, and if you’re unable to drive anywhere, it can get lonely and isolating.

In fact, one report has stated that over one-third of people over 45 feel lonely. And as you grow older and as more of your loved ones pass or move away, this feeling of isolation can stick to you like a parasite.

A retirement village brings you closer to other seniors from all walks of life. You can indulge in countless hours of sharing stories and laughs with fellow residents, emblazoning them as friends for life.

Even if you’re not exactly a social butterfly, having the option to interact and talk with fellow residents right outside your doorstep can make you feel socially connected with a community. You being happy can make your family also happy.

Home Maintenance is Easier

Moving into a retirement village entails a physical packing and unpacking of your belongings. This can be troublesome at first, but if you have a removalist company on-call or some helpful family members who can assist you throughout your move, this can be pretty smooth sailing.

That said, moving into a retirement village is the perfect opportunity for you to downsize your living space. If your original room is filled to the brim with various trinkets you’ve collected throughout the years, you can finally give them away or dispose of them as you move to the new retirement village.

Having a cleaner living space can be good for your mental health. Furthermore, getting rid of unnecessary rubbish at home can give your family more room to work with, whether they want to repurpose your space into a guest room, a storage room, or something else entirely.

You’re Not Far From Medical Assistance

Moving into a retirement village brings you closer to health resources like nurses and medical facilities. This can be a crucial factor for families of elderly members who aren’t in the best of shape physically or for families who live far from medical facilities.

Many retirement villages like Living Choice are equipped with on-site facilities or are situated close to healthcare centers.

This proximity to medical care means that in the event of a health issue—whether it’s physical, physiological, or mental in nature—professional help is almost always nearby,

Furthermore, even if there’s no pressing medical emergency, living in a retirement village can put the elderly individual at arm’s reach of a nurse or doctor, which can help keep them medically informed about their health.

Overall, this close distance offers both residents and their family members peace of mind knowing that there’s medical aid just a short distance away from the retirement village.

Access to Recreational Activities

Is the senior in your life often bored at home? Retirement villages have a large abundance of activities that residents can partake in. These activities can cater to people of different interests and physical levels.

For instance, some retirement villages have gardening clubs and sports events like weekly walking clubs to provide physical and mental stimulation to the elderly residents. There may also be periodic social events like bingo or board game night for the residents to gather and interact with one another.

Having these pastimes can ensure that the seniors stay stimulated and enriched in the retirement village, which is something you should definitely uphold as your parent’s child.

It also helps keep their social lives active, which can boost the quality of life and life satisfaction of everyone involved, including the children of the elderly in knowing that their parents are adequately cared for.

Improved Safety and Security Features

While living at home in a first-world country generally doesn’t pose much risk, living in retirement villages is often one of the safest options.

Many retirement villages are enclosed in gated villages with 24-hour surveillance and security personnel. Furthermore, there are also rules enforced within these spaces to dissuade residents from engaging in theft and other illegal activities.

The security aspect isn’t the only good thing about these living arrangements. A retirement village also comes equipped with safety features specifically made with elders in mind.

For instance, bathrooms typically have rail bars and non-slip mats to keep elderly individuals safe from any accidents. Most common areas are also wheelchair-friendly, enabling disabled folks to move around more easily.

Having these features around not only helps keep you safe, but it also grants your children and grandchildren peace of mind knowing that your new home is as safe as safe can be.

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