Tips for Long Lasting Scent

Wearing a scent is a wonderful way to boost our mood, increase our confidence, and even make us more appealing in social situations. Unfortunately, many people find that their scent does not last for long. Some will try to combat this by spraying themselves with as much fragrance as possible, trying to maximize its longevity. In reality, this approach is only going to provide a more intense smell – which might be overwhelming for the people you are spending time with – for the same period of time.

However, there are ways to keep your signature scent around without draining the bottle. Here are some simple but effective tips to help your scent last longer.

Choose a high-strength fragrance.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a scent that will last throughout the day or evening is that some are stronger than others, and you can identify them by the words on their bottle. You should look for scents labelled extrait de parfum, Eua de parfum or EDP. These scents have a higher concentration of perfume oil than Eua de toilette. You will find a range of perfumes of varying strengths at

Look for scents with less ‘volatile’ notes.

It is also worth considering the type of fragrance you wear when looking for longevity. If your fragrance is described as fresh, light, aquatic, or containing notes of citrus, it is more volatile, i.e., it will evaporate off the skin quicker than a musky fragrance with spices or wood. Clickhere for more information on perfume notes.

Have a warm shower and moisturize before applying.

To encourage maximum absorption, it is best to apply your scent after a warm shower when your pores are at their most open, ideally onto damp skin. Some scents are available in the form of shower gels and body lotions, too, and if you can combine all the products in your post-shower self-care routine, it should intensify the scent even more.

Apply to pulse points and areas of the body that radiate heat.

While it might seem like an old-fashioned tip, applying your scent to your body’s pulse points is the most effective way to maximize its impact. Applying where the skin is at its thinnest and therefore radiating more heat helps the fragrance meld with your body’s natural scents.

Spray your hairbrush and run it through your hair.

Spraying perfume onto your hair is going to interfere with your styling and could even damage the hair by drying it out. An effective alternative is to spray your hairbrush with a little of the fragrance, allowing chemicals to evaporate before brushing just the scented oils through your hair.

Break the bad habits.

There are plenty of beauty myths out there, but if you are someone who likes to spray perfume into the air and walk through it, it’s time to break the habit. Most of the fragrance will end up on the floor or your clothes when what you want is for the fragrance to make contact with your skin. Another bad move is rubbing the fragrance into your skin as this can cause the perfume’s structure to break down and wear off sooner.

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